Christopher Walken / Christina Aguilera
April 8, 2000

Hey everyone. I haven't written a review in quite some time. Mostly
because I didn't have any spare time. But, I wanted to review this
episode, because I have finally found a couple extra seconds in my back
pocket. :-)

[OPENING] George Bush and George W. Bush--- It was great seeing Dana
Carvey as George Bush again. I was totally surprised. I was cracking up
when he kept slapping George W. I give this sketch an A.

[MONOLOGUE] Christopher Walken--
Enjoyable. I liked it when Ana, Cheri, Molly and Rachel came out in
matching dresses. B

[SKETCH] Behind The Music--
I loved this sketch. Will was hilarious when he was playing the cowbell.
Plus, it was cool when Chris Kattan and Jimmy Fallon were trying not to
laugh. A+

[SKETCH] Elian: The Cuban Boy--
This was a great sketch. The classic moment was when Chris kissed Will
on the lips. I give this sketch an A.

[SKETCH] The Continental--
I remember seeing this skit a few years ago. I kinda liked it. The
funniest part was when Christopher Walken was behind the mirror lighting
a cigarette. B-

[SKETCH] Viagra commercial--
I didn't think much about this one. Sometimes the commercials are
stupid, but this one was sorta passable. Much better than the other
commercials like the Uncle Jemima one. C

[SKETCH] Jenny Jones--
I liked this one alot. The best part was when Chris came out in a blonde
wig and short gold dress. And the thing that really amazed me about this
sketch....Molly Shannon's characters name was Shauna!!!! Sorry if that
seems vain, but its kinda cool that my name was in a sketch. (My name
has 2 N's, though.) A

[SKETCH] Weekend Update--
I enjoy watching this part every week. Sometimes Colin's jokes can be
lame, and some can crack me up. But what was up with Will doing the loud
mouthed guy Jacob Silj? I had to turn my tv down so my eardrums wouldn't
be blasted out of my head. B-

[MUSICAL GUEST] Christina Aguilera--
She's a really cool singer. I loved that outfit she had on. A+

[SKETCH] Census Buereau--
This was kinda long and boring. The only funny part was when the cougar
(or whatever it was) growled and Christopher Walken said, "What, again?
We just did it!" C-

[SKETCH] Sally O'Malley--
I love Molly Shannon's new character. She really can "Kick! Stretch! And
kick!" Once again, the lady who's "50 years old" wins over even the most
beautiful girl. I hope we see more of Sally O'Malley. A

[MUSICAL GUEST] Christina Aguilera--
She's great once again. And she changed her outfit, too. A

Best Sketch: Behind The Music
Best player of the night: Chris Kattan

Overview: This was the coolest episode since the Drew Barrymore episode
last year. As you can tell by my reviews, the best sketches were the
ones with Chris Kattan. He's my favorite cast member. Well, I hope next
week's show will be as good as this one. Let's see if Tobey Maguire will
make it a classic. I give THIS episode an A+.
See you next week!

Episode Review written by Shaunna Marie

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