Christopher Walken / Christina Aguilera
April 8, 2000

PRE-SHOW THOUGHTS: Christopher Walken never disappoints on SNL. His
appearance at the 25th anniversary special was classic. As for the
musical guest, I prefer Britney Spears, but Christina Aguilera is good,
too, and I am expecting good performances from her.


[OPENING] Father & Son time with the Bushes
Anything with Carvey in it is pure gold! I mean, when was the last time
Will Ferrell was the straight man? This was one of the best openings of
the year. Carvey has not lost his thunder. Come back to the cast,
Dana! A


[MONOLOGUE] Christopher Walken
This really disappointed me. Walken practically did the same thing he
did the last time he hosted! The song, dance, women, everything! D
(gets a boost for Walken once again referring to "crazy make-em-ups")


[SKETCH] Behind the Music: Blue Oyster Cult
At first I didn't think I would like this one because I don't know
anything about Blue Oyster Cult. And as it turned out.....I still
wasn't thrilled with it. But that was some cool cowbell playing. Was
something funny, Jimmy? C


[SKETCH] Elian, The Cuban Boy!
The way the media coverage is going, this may actually happen! Everyone
was superb in this sketch, especially Will and Chris K. It was great to
see Janet Reno again, and that duet with Elian's father was classic!
This should be put on the best of the year special! A+


[SKETCH] The Continental
Isn't this sketch a rerun? I swear, this was exactly like the last
Continental sketch. But it was real funny. Many great jokes. Walken
is always great at this sketch. GREAT LINE: "Do you like my painting?
I got it at Target." A-


The SNL writers had two weeks to come up with a solid commercial, and
this is what they came up with? Viagra jokes are really getting old. D



[SKETCH] Jenny Jones
Great parody of Jenny, Sally, Montel, and all the other shows with
"geeks get revenge" topics.. The high school pictures were hilarious
and it was cool hearing Walken say "playa haters". Man, Chris Kattan
will do anything tonight! Kissing Will Ferrell and now dressing in
drag! A


Really good update. The majority of the jokes were funny, especially the
Janet Reno joke, the Snickers joke, and the John Rocker joke. I don't
know why, but I like this character of Will's, although I can see him
getting annoying fast. B+


[MUSICAL GUEST] Christina Aguilera
I liked this performance. The song isn't bad, and Christina has a great
voice. Little piece of trivia: Christina isn't the first one to record
"I Turn to You". It was performed by All 4 One on the Space Jam
soundtrack. And whatever happened to them? B


[SKETCH] Census Bureau visits Mr. Leonard's apartment
This must have been the "What the hell?" sketch. It was real funny,
though. After seeing this sketch, I think I can rule out Census Bureau
as a career. The ending kinda sucked, though. B+


[SKETCH] Sally O'Malley at beauty pageant
Well, I guess you could say it's a *little* different than the previous
Sally O'Malley sketches. The setting was different, and she said her
age less times. It didn't change my opinion that much, though. D+(The
+ is for Cheri, who was funny)


[MUSICAL GUEST] Christina Aguilera
Is Studio 8H a lounge now? I didn't recognize the first number, but it
sounded good. I was glad when she went into "What a Girl Wants". It's
a great song, and once again, her voice stole the show. I think we have
found the next Mariah Carey. A-


One of the season's top 5 shows. Walken could have been better; he
relied on cue cards too much. Aguilera, however, was one of the best
musical guests of the season(and also the best looking). As far as the
sketches go, the Blue Oyster Cult thing should have been near the end,
and Sally O'Malley needs to be canned. Hey, when is the Elian Gonzalez
musical opening? I wanna see it! B


Next week is Tobey Maguire and Sisqo. I'm not sure about Tobey
Maguire. I've never seen one of his movies. Sisqo's cool because he
sings about thongs. See you then!

Episode Review written by Mike Durrenberg

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