Christopher Walken / Christina Aguilera
April 8, 2000

Hey Hey, it's JK! with more of JK's SNL. This has been one of the most
shows this season. And I don't mean crazy like those people who want to take
Gonzales back,(Keep Elian here!) not to sound political or anything, that's
not what
this is about. This is about one of the greatest hosts of all time,
Christopher Walken!
Don't believe me? just read on.

Father/Son talk: This is something I definately did not expect. It was good
to see
the old Bush again. But Will makes a bad effort of
copying it. I
mean come on, Will's Bush Jr. sucks. I know he
try's, but it sucks!
And the whole slip sliding thing was good the first
5 or 6 times. The
only other good part was when Bush Jr.(being the
baby he really is.)
was sitting on Bush Sr.'s lap. other than
that...--- C

Monolouge: By now, you know that everytime Chris Walken shows up, he does
little song and dance number. Too bad it was that short.
I'm telling ya,
he was great as usual.--- A+

Blue oyster cult: Behind the Music: This was good because of what CW was
golden diapers. And
what will was donig with the
cowbell. The thing that
threw me off back there
was that the guy was
dead. But I never heard of
Blue Oyster Cult, so
screw it.--- C+

Elian:The Musical: So it's come to this. the story's so overblown enough as
it is, they
had to go along and make a musical out of it....
I'm not saying the
sketch was bad. Everything about the sketch,
(even CW being
Castro) was good. Except for that kiss between
"Janet Reno"
and "Juan Miguel", that was pointless.--- B-

The Continental: Finally, a good sketch. Every time Chris blocks the door,
it's just
more funnier than the last time. The part with the
bathroom was
just simply Kick-A** . And for once, somepone
finally gave that
guy a beatin'.(Pardon grammer)--- A+

Viagra: Being a man, I understood this sketch. It's just your typical, boy
wants to
give some to a girl, girl don't want any, girl flushes pills down
a toilet. you
know, the usual thing that happens when people reach their

Jenny Jones: This i think was the only sketch that sucked. the only good
part was
when CW tried to sound cool, but that's it.--- D+

Update: I would like to do this part of the review sublimitally if thats ok
with you;
Colins jokes (meaningless) had some meaning ( not really) but
what he
said about the Mets (Rocker Time) was just dumb. Oh yeah, that
loud guy (Punching Bag) desereves a swift kick in the a**.
(George W.
Bush) It's just your typical update (Coma) This ends the
subliminal part
of the review.(for this week)--- D-

Christina Agulera: as hot as she may be, I don't listen to her this counts
for the
other one too--- N/A

The Census guy: This ties with the continental as the best sketch of the
Some good parts were when he thought that the USA
florida were different countries, the fact that he
thought he was
going to win a car, and the bobcat thing. There
are other things,
but that would take too long. loosly put...---A+

Sally O'Mally: Yeah we know she's 50.(50 years old, 50 years old) this was
one of
those sketches where I almost took a leak all over
the place. The
only bad part was when Cheri Oteri was being
herself... spazzy!
--- (Marginal) A

Sketch(es) of the night: The Contenental
The Census Guy
Sally O'Mally

Loser of the night: Jenny Jones

I think that's it, if it isn't, sue me. Anyway, thanks for stopping by.
About next week,
I don't know who Toeby Maguire or Sisqo is. but usualy on a show when you
know who the person is, it will be a good show.(I think) that's it, and
remember, If
you don't agree with me, that's too bad. see you next time

Episode Review written by JK's SNL

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