Christopher Walken / Christina Aguilera
April 8, 2000

George Bush And Son: Great to see Dana Carvey. It was funny when he
kept on slapping George Bush, Jr. across the face. Grade: A+

Monologue: I figured Walken would dance and sing with all the female
cast members since he did the other three times he hosted. Decent.
Grade: A+

Blue Oyster Cult: This was great. Will was hilarious with the cowbell,
as well as Walken asking for more cowbell. Jimmy Fallon couln't keep a
straight face.
Grade: A+

Illian Gonzales Musical: The only really good part was when Will as
Janet Reno kissed the boys father, but not a terribly bad sketch.
Grade: C+

The Continental: This one was better than the ones from 90 and 96 and
came close to the great 92 one. The best part was the bathroom scene
with the two way mirror. Grade: A

Viagara: This was really good, with Ana flushing the pills down the
toilet. Grade: A+

Jenny Jones: I could not stop laughing. Cheri and Molly were great, but
Chris Kattan as the nerd turned transvestite topped it off. Grade: A+

Weeken Update: Most of Quinn's jokes were pretty good. Will was funny
again as the guy that couldn't change the tone of his voice, although
this really didn't need to be done again. Is this episode "The Will
Ferrell Show" or what? Grade: A

Census Interview: I loved this sketch. The answers about the candy
bars and then the bob cat wife were hilarious with Walken's line "What
again? We just did it!". Grade: A+

I'm 50!: This one wasn't as bad as the last time they did this, and Ana
and Cheri were funny as the other two contestants. However, I really
thought Mary Katherine Gallagher was gonna walk out. This is the type
of setup her character used to have. Oh well, I guess this is Molly's
main character now.
Grade: B+

Overall: Really good show, up there with the Christina Ricci, Dylan Mc
Dermott, and Julianna Marguiles shows. Imagine what Chirstopher
Walken's 5th time as host will be like. Grade: A+

Episode Review written by Eric Golden

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