Britney Spears
May 13, 2000

Overview: This year has been an on and off year in terms of being able to sit down and watch SNL. Generally I've been seeing it on tape but last night the stars lined up right and since I know you all miss my pithy thoughts and prose I'm doing my first review in...too long(or not long enough depending on your disposition). Hold the applause to a dull roar please.
I don't think anyone expected a great show. Or an adequate one to be honest. Spears generates a lot of hatred in most multi-cellular life forms. My biggest reservations of course, came from the fact that Spears isn't really an actress and debatably not a singer. So as you can see, I'm like everyone else.

Opening: I rather liked the Gulliani press conference. I can't say I follow politics that much and certainly not those of NYC so I'm not sure if I could accurately define what did and didn't work about this sketch. What worked best for me is the Hilary Clinton contribution. But, as I said, I can't really say how strong a topical piece of humour this is. Grade: B

Monolog: Well it was short and spineless. Its the sort of thing where people sit back and are amused by how gutsy it was of her to make fun of herself. Well I've heard nastier comments in Sissyfight. Grade: C-

Commercial: Fat people dancing. So what? Grade: D

Morning Latte: My first problem is that Will assumed the role of insulting his co-host. Till now that has been down by the producer and/or the guest(s). It undercuts the concept that they are both oblivious to the annoying behaviour. Next, the jabs at Spears still aren't working. There is no real edge to it. Not their best outing. However the line about her not caring for books at all almost had me on the floor. Grade: C

Colonial Village: While I appreciated this excursion to the house of juggery there was no real point to it or underlying concept. Grade: C+

TV Funhouse: Lets be honest. If the sheer outrageousness hasn't won you over by now then there is no help for you at all. Grade: A+

Britney's Fan: Despite the overwhelming popularity in the newsgroup I wasn't that bowled over. It is nice though, to see SNL do a sketch with a little heart to it.That, ultimately, is what works about it. Grade: C

Weekend Update: You know that one joke that died? Where you could hear a pin drop? That's Colin in my house every single freakin' time. So he gets an F. The rap was loud, dull, long, and self-conscious of itself. I get that enough from real rap. He gets an F. But the Jolie/Thornton was brilliant. That hit the right notes at all the right times. The highlight of the show. They get an A+

Britney Spears 1: She sang off-key and further proved how disposable pop culture really is. Fortunately I love that sort of thing. Grade: B-

Dancer Auditions: I wasn't that impressed. It started off weakly and limped home. Grade: D

Commercial: Its been on before but I haven't reviewed it until now. Unlike the Gap Fat which didn't seem to have a real purpose this punned several targets: Aunt Jemina, stereotypes, Disney, and so forth. Its got ambition. Its got a reason. Its about something. Grade: A

America's Worst Moments: This was really good but it could have been tightened up a bit and been shorter. Grade: B+

Deandra Willis: Another that could have been shortened. A good solid sketch for the end of the night irregardless. Grade: C+

Britney Spears 2: Singing off key and on a ballad. Not pleasant. Grade: C-

Overall: Despite my mixed feeling about the bulk of the show there was a good energy and ethic throughout that lifted what was, all things considered, a very pedestrian show to above average. A very very pleasant surprise.

Grade: B

Episode Review written by Michael Keith Goodman

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