Britney Spears
May 13, 2000

Good to see Sean's site up and running again. And I'm glad SNL is back live
after a bunch of reruns. I thought the John Goodman show was really great,
a lot of fun to watch. I must admit I was shocked/saddened to hear that
Britney Spears was going to host this week. I just hate when SNL uses
celebrities who aren't actors (I don't count politicans, they are natural
actors) as hosts and expects them to be funny. Plus, I think Britney's
untalented & not as attractive as everybody thinks she is.

Oh well, that's just Saturday Night Live, you have to take the good with the
bad... anyway, for my review;

COLD OPENING: Rudolph Guliane/Hillary Clinton
Very boring and predictable. They could do away with political humor
on SNL and I wouldn't miss it. I just don't think the current writers have
a talent for it. This skit had a bunch of lame, predictable jokes, and
Ana's Hillary is getting old, she doesn't capture that phony smile that Jan
Hooks use to nail down with her impression. Darroll's Rudolph was well done
as all his impersonations are (except Al Gore). Overall, way too long &
bland. Grade: D

MONOLOGUE: Britney Spears
Once again, very predictable (the obligatory jokes about implants &
lip synching). This was saved by the fact that it was very brief and didn't
have a bunch of contrived cast member cameos (and no dumb song). Britney
gets on my nerves. Grade: C

What a riot!! Funny, funny, funny. Did I say funny? This was one of
the best SNL ads in a long time. Fav part: Horatio Sanz entrance, that
look on his face was classic. It was great making fun of how Gap only uses
beautiful, anorexic looking models in their commercials. Brilliant satire,
what SNL does best. Grade: A+

MORNING LATTE: Will, Cheri & Britney
Kill this please!! Its just unfunny. And the fact that Cheri has
laryngitis (she should of been home resting!) made it more unbearable. And
Britney's rap character was both not convicing and just not funny. I
don't watch morning shows, maybe I'd get the joke if I did. Grade: C-

THE COLONIAL FIELD TRIP: Jimmy, Rachel & Britney
First great skit of the night. Jimmy & Rachel were just so good in
this. They have a great rapport with each other and the writing was very
clever & surprising. Britney almost ruined the skit. It reminded me of
that earlier Channukah skit this season with Christina Ricci as Britney.
That Louisiana accent. I liked Ricci's better. Grade: B+

CARTOON: Ambigously Gay Duo
Ad nauseum. This was funny the first eight times but has run out of
ideas. The original "buzz" has disappeared. One funny bit: the look on the
bird's face when Ace puts its beak in his mouth. Grade: C

Nice change of pace from the unrelenting sex jokes tonight. Could of
been better written. Tracy is so talented. I keep forgetting he can sing
too. Britney's best acting of the night. This had a nice warmth to it,
reminded me of the late 80's SNL. Grade: B

SONG: Oops! I Did It Again
I watched this just to see if Britney would dare lip synch on a live
tv show. It looked like she was actually singing, but her breasts still
look fake! Ungraded because I hate Britney's music.

JOKES: Colin's gotten kind of old. Hope they get a new anchor next season.
A few funny jokes about Bobby Brown, Smokey the Bear & the Love Bug.
Grade: B-
CHRIS PARNELL: Go Chris! Go Chris! Pretty surprsing. I was laughing too
hard when he broke into that rap song. I was expecting a love song parody
maybe with a Britney duet. He did a good rap. Its funny seeing a plain
looking guy rapping. Grade: B+
ANGELINA JOLIE & CO: Jimmy, Chris, Rachel & Molly
Crazy stuff! Too bizarre. And I was dying laughing! Not as funny as the
original a few months ago, but still good. Jimmy's Billy Bob Thorton was
great. Grade: A

Poorly written. Britney looked distracted. The two Chris's tried real hard
but this skit was just all wrong in pacing. Had a funny ending though with
Britney twirling. Grade: D+

COMMEMORATIVE PLATES: America's Worst Moments.
Great bit, well written & original. Best plates: Woodstock 99, Reform
Party & Andrew Dice Clay. What were we thinking? SNL should do more of
these social satires instead of recurring characters. Grade: A

DEANDRA WELLS: Ana & the guys.
Ana's gotten kind of annoying, she's being typecast as angry characters who
never smile. This had a funny bit with Will & Chris getting angry. That
song, "A child's eye" was awful! Grade: D

AD PARODY: Uncle Jemima's Mash Liquor.
Rerun for like the fifth time this year... and still funny! This is my
guilty pleasure. I love the birds, Tim Meadows witty lines & Tracy's best
line: "it means, you get f***ed up!!" Grade: A

SONG 2: Unorignal pop ballad.
Where will she be in five years? On a tour of state fairs on the same bill
as Tiffany, Debbie Gibson & 98 Degrees. Actually this song was pretty
harmless. Short and sweet. But I still can't stand this teeny bopper music
(it all sounds the same). Ungraded because I'm biased.

ENDING: NBC cuts off the credits once again for the "Marcia Brady" preview.
NBC is over-sexed, I guess they have to compete with cable but is it
really necessary making the Bradys look like deviants too? Plus, the real
Marcia (in the 90's Brady Bunch movie) was a lot prettier.
FINAL NOTES: Put this show in the "worse of the year" bin. Its a shame
after the great Tobey Maguire & John Goodman shows SNL couldn't of done
better. However, the show wasn't a complete throwaway thanks to Horatio's
Gap Ad, Jimmy & Rachel's field trip skit & the America's Worse Moments
Next week's show might be bad too. Jackie Chan doesn't speak a lot of
english, so it might be rough going. Let's hope he doesn't make a fool of
himself. I like Kid Rock though.
***And the show's gonna be very sad because its the last time will see a lot
of cast members. A lot of them are gonna be leaving. Tim, Ana, Molly &
Cheri and probably Will & Chris. However, I think SNL's future looks
bright: Chris Parnell, Jimmy, Horatio, Rachel & newcomer Maya Rudolph (if
she comes back) all have been hysterical funny.
*** Last word: Looking forward to the SNL 25th Anniv special tonight. One
more SNL show then summer! Yikes... I'm getting Comedy Central next week so
I can get my SNL fix during the hiatus.
I'm Matt and that's my story and I'm sticking to it...

Episode Review written by Matt

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