Britney Spears
May 13, 2000

This is my first review ever, and I am doing it while
I am sick, so please understand that if this sounds
like I am an idiot, I'm really not. Plus I just
started to watch SNL again this year, so I don't know
all of the skits by name. Enjoy the review!


Mayor Giuliani - This skit reminds me of Clinton
skits. There were a few good jokes, but overall it
wasn't that great. C-

Monologue- Britney Spears looked like a skank in that
dress. Then again, when does she not? The boob thing
was different. The monologue was really short though,
which I think was fine for this specific show. B-

Fat Gap Commercial- This was entertaining, especially
since these people can move better than me. I thought
this would have been better if the entire cast had
done it and be called something else. Still, I liked
it. B+

Morning Latte- Cheri and Will have great chemistry
together. They do the morning talk show thing
fantastically. Of the few skits Skanky-I mean Britney
did in the show, this was the best. I hope she knows
tabloids will be all over her for smoking. She did
good playing a hoodlum. Cheri and Will's reaction to
her character was the best thing about this skit. A-

Pat&Denise- This is the first time I have ever seen
this skit. Jimmy and Rachel are funny as these two,
but the plot was dumb. C

TV Funhouse: The Ambiguously Gay Duo- This is usually
off the wall, and tonight's was no exception. A

Woodrow- Am I the only one who thought Tracy looked
like Buckwheat? This was so dumb, but Woodrow's song
won me over. B

Britney Spears- She makes me physically sick. How
could anyone like this crap they call pop music?
Whoever wrote this must have been sitting on the
toilet. The music sounds like "Baby One More Time" or
whatever that song is. F*

Weekend Update- Usually I zone out during this part,
but it was pretty entertaining. Colin's jokes weren't
too bad. Chris P's song was great! The best part
(and about the best part of the show) was the Angelina
Jolie part. This had me rolling on the floor! A+

Dancers- This and the Weekend Update was the best
skits of the show. Chris P and Chris K were too cute.
I hated the shirts, of course, but they were
necessary. I think their dances were much better then
Britney Spears' dumb dances. A+

America's Worst Moments ­ The sad thing about this-
Look how many plates there were. There should be
more. C+

Comeback Tour- I was bored. Plus it was towards the
end of the show, and most show ender skits suck. Ana
can sing well, but we all knew that. C-

Uncle Jemima's- I've seen this many times before. It
was funny the first time I saw it. Now it's boring.

Yet again, Britney Spears and her crappy music- UGH!
She is so bad! This song made my ears bleed. It was
worse then the first and that is hard to do! F**

Overall- This show wasn't that great. It had its
moments, and they were without Britney Spears. The
world was so much better without this live Barbie doll
(I think Britney Spears is made of more plastic then a
Barbie doll). SNL should look to get better guests.

Episode Review written by Brittney Neffy

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