Britney Spears
May 13, 2000

OVERVIEW - I was hoping for a better show this week after last week's disapointment. I wasnt really sure if Britney Spears would be a good host or not, but i knew it would get good ratings.

COLD OPENING - Not that good of an opening. This was Darrell's only appearance of the night. Ana's impression of Hillary Clinton is getting old I think. I dont like all the stuff they do related to New York.

MONOLOUGE - Pretty funny, even if it was a bit short. That was good that Britney could make fun of herself.
GRADE B- (for shortness)

GAP FAT COMMERCIAL - Not the best commercial of the year, but not the worst by any means. It was kind of mean, but you'll get that sometimes. At least it was new and I thought it was better than the Gillete one from last week.

MORNING LATTE - I think i am getting tired of this sketch. However, it was better than the two they have previoulsy done this year. Britney was good in this, I was sure she would start laughing, but she didnt. She was off to a good start, the show was off to a medicore start. It was funny when they said the air condtioning bill wasnt being paid because they were the lowest rated show, including cable.

BOSTON TEENS - This is slowly becoming one of my favorite sketches. The best thing Horatio does is Frankie from this sketch. Britney was good once again. This was an overall good sketch and the jokes were very funny by Jimmy.

CARTOON - Finally. I have been waiting for one of these since the end of last season. I dont think there is any question that is the best cartoon of the year. Whoever did the Bill Walton impression at the NBA game did a hell of a job, that was so funny and dead on. The names of the bars on the background were hilarious, as was ace and gary's costumes. Good to finally see a great cartoon.

BRITNEY SPEARS FAN FROM THE SEWER - This was just allright. It had some funny moments. I guess the whole joke was that she would never do such a thing, which im sure she wouldnt. Tracy's song was pretty good.

MUSIC - OOPS I DID IT AGAIN - I dont mind this song that much, but isnt that good live. Where did Sarah Michelle Gellar come from? I was hoping she would be in a sketch. She is always a good host. How gay are those dancers along side Britney?

WEEKEND UPDATE WITH COLIN QUINN - This was another good update, the jokes were well written for the most part. Colin has improved so much from the beginning. Chris Parnell was hilarious, I didnt see that coming. I am amazed he could get all that out so fast live. The whole Angelina Jolie thing was funny, even though they did it two shows ago. Molly, Chris and Jimmy were all good in that.
All in all, a very good update.

BRITNEY SPEARS TRYOUTS - This sketch was almost identical to the one a couple of years ago when Sting hosted. Chris Kattan was in that one too. Only the first time it was much funnier. The T-shirts were nice. Chris and Chris did a good acting job, it just wasnt all that funny.

AMERICAS WORST MOMENTS PLATES - Thats about enough Elian. The whole sketch and idea was pretty good though. Solid job by Chris Parnell. MY favorite plate was the Roseanne one.

COMEBACK TOUR - Weakest sketch of the night. Will, Horatio and Chris all looked funny though. Tonight was another light Will Ferrell night for some reason. Anyways, I didnt find much amusement here.

COMMERCIAL - MASH LIQUOR- Is this for real? This is the third time this has aired this season, and the second time I think in the last 3 or 4 shows. It was funny the first time, but not the third.

MUSIC - This song is not good. I wish she would have sang an old song, but you knew with the new album coming out Tuesday, that wouldnt happen. Pearl jam's new album also comes out on Tuesday - buy it. I guess Cheri really does have a sore throat.

This was just an average show. It had some really funny moments, but also a couple of realy bad ones. Ill be interested to see the ratings for this show, I am sure they will be high. I was a little dissapointed with the show, but it was a massive improvement from last week. Britney was just allright as host. Hopefully they can finsh up strong next week. I am sorry to say that I think next week will be the last show for the majority of the cast, at least this is what i hear. I hope at least Chris Parnell and Jimmy Fallon stay. Also where was Maya Rudloph? She was only on one show I guess. See everyone next week.

ACTOR OF THE NIGHT - Chris Parnell
SKETCH OF THE NIGHT - Weekend Update, Cartoon
WORST SKETCH OF THE NIGHT- Comeback Tour or whatever it was called
OVERALL GRADE - B-/c+ I cant really decide

Episode Review written by Ben Keeler

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