Jerry Seinfeld / David Bowie
October 2, 1999

Reform Party Meeting:

Very energized, funny and politically correct. A
very good way to start the show & season. I liked
Buchanan's mustache, Ventura's entrance & Cheri's
makeup was surprisingly good!



His speech wasn't laughable, but amusingly
interesting. I loved his "dating married women" at the
end, though.



It was good, but if they could of explained why the
business used that title, it could have been a lot
funnier. (Maybe to attract attention...)


Morning Latte:

It was nice to finally meet her husband. Parnell did
a great job as him. Seinfeld was really funny in here.
"Meat and fruit only, no pizza!!" If Ferrall could
have toned down his tension & Cheri been smoother,
this would've been a lot funnier.


MKG meets Lenny Schartzman:

Satisfying. I liked how they're satiring the teen
drama shows. They could have done a better job hiding
the boxes; it kinda ruined the moment. But it was


Javis Home Security System:

What a histerical surprise!!!!!!!!!!! This was
superb!! I sure hope they rerun this one.


Action 8 News Watch:

Way to the viewers on their toes. I could tell this
was a Seinfeld idea, and a good one too. "A common
household object is found to be lethal. We'll tell
which one at the end of the hour."


Weekend Update:

The jokes were very good, (especially about Garth
Brooks) but Colin was looking uneasy tonight. It's
like he's seen a ghost. Nice Seinfeld vs. Seinfeld. I
was wondering when Fallon was gonna show up. "Jerry,
you ignorant slut!" That was good.

B because of Colin's look

David Bowie:

He's once again changed. (Quite different from the
vampire look last time he was here; but you gotta
admit, that's one cool costume!) It was a good
performance. I liked it.


Seinfeld in Oz:

Histerical!! The sketch lived up to its concept very
well here. "Whoever goes the longest without commiting
male rape wins the bet"



Another good Seinfeld idea. It got even funnier when
they were actually persuading him to eat it. And I
loved that "Don't like the sketch writing?" bit at the
end! Reminds me of Big Daddy when the kid said that
critics are cynical a-holes.


...And a Pizza Place:

This was the low point for me. It's very hard to
believe that a show like that could be a hit. (I don't
think even Fox would for something like that)


David Bowie2:

More energized and just as entertaining. David
Bowie's a natural (more of a legend, really)


Keeping Him Alive:

Not great, but the Patch Adams and "He's alive, he's
dead..." kept it from an F, though.


Episode Review written by Warren Webber

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