Jerry Seinfeld / David Bowie
October 2, 1999

For starters, this is the first time I have ever reviewed a SNL episode, but
after seeing Seinfeld's, I just had to write:

[OPENING] I seriously thought this was the worst opening I have ever seen.
I love SNL and was very sad that they couldn't come up with a better opening
for the first show of the season. D-

[MONOLOGUE] Knowing that Jerry is a stand-up comedian, I really thought
this could have been a lot better. C-

[COMMERCIAL] Terrible! It was like the couldn't make up a commercial and
just decided 2 minutes before the show to go with it. F

[MORNING LATTE] I love these tipes of skits, but this wasn't one of the
funnier ones, still it was the funniest skit of the night. B-

[MARY KATHERINE GALLAGHER] Molly seemed to have a big ego after her movie
"Superstar" came out, so I really thought it wasn't that funny. C-

[COMMERCIAL] No point what-so-ever to this commercial. D-

[ACTION 8 NEWS WATCH] It was funny because most news cast do that sort of
thing, but it lasted way too long. C+

[WEEKEND UPDATE] I didn't watch this- I watched Howard Stern instead to get
some laughs.

[Oz] Once again, just thrown together. C

[1-800-EAT-SHE**] I didn't like this one at all. D

[PIZZA PLACE SKETCH] Okay, but I was still disappointed. C+


* I was so very sad that the first SNL was soooo very unfunny!!! I love SNL
and really hope the get better!!!!! FINAL GRADE F-----------

Episode Review written by Vall

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