Jerry Seinfeld / David Bowie
October 2, 1999

What we have waited all summer for! A New 'Saturday
Night Live'...

I think last night's episode was worth the wait.

Instead of giving a sketch by sketch analysis (I would
go on and on), I will give my three favorite moments
of the night.

#3-Action 8 News Watch. The writers did an EXCELLENT
job of showing how annoying some newsanchors can be.
How many times have you been watching the news and you
are saying to yourself...ENOUGH ALREADY? GET TO THE

#2-WWW.CLOWNPENIS.FART: One of my favorite SNL
commercial parodies in the past couple of years (next
to the Jensen change). Chris P. is very funny, and it
is great that the writers are showcasing his talent. I
also have to agree--there ain't many web addresses
ought there. You name it, there is probably a web addy
out there.

#1-Weekend Update: Colin Quinn is doing a great job.
He is a wonderful writer. Yeah, some of his jokes may
not get a roaring laughter session, but who said TV
was easy? My real reason for rating 'WU' the number
one part of the nite was the Jerry Seinfeld/'Jerry
Seinfeld' (aka Jimmy Fallon) counterpoint session.
Last night, I was thinking 'Jimmy has to impersonate
Jerry Seinfeld' (one of his best impressions)..What
better place than 'WU'? Two words: DEAD ON! Like I
mentioned with Chris P., Jimmy is a very talented man.
Thanks to the writers for showcasing what he can do!
(Yeah, Jimmy may not have been on that much. But I am
sure as the season progresses, there will be some
episodes where Jimmy, and this also goes for the rest
of the cast,will be in every other sketch, and others
where he will won't. The cast members you may not have
seen so much last night might have been written into
sketches that were cut right after dress rehearsal.

Episode Review written by Valerie Carmody

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