Jerry Seinfeld / David Bowie
October 2, 1999

(Opener)- Perot seeks ideal Reform candidate

Cheri Oteri is always good at being loud and annoying (but seriously) she
did good. I didnt really start to laugh untill Will came in as Jesse "the
body" Ventura. Still still, it was a very COLD opener if ya get me.

(Monologue)- Jerry Seinfeld

Kinda dull. Expected ,uhhhhhhbut hey! ITs Jerry Seinfeld! This is his life!
Throw him a bone! Were supposed to like that stuff when it comes out of his
mouth! He MAKES it funny.

(commercial)- www.clownpenis.fart

I really dont like Chris Parnell. I dont know why. I just dont. Anyway, I
didnt know where the joke was going untill I heard the web adress. I got a
giggle out of it. A small, forced , painful, giggle.

(Sketch) Morning Latte
OH wow! Minus Seinfeld, this has got to be the best Morning Latte ever!!!!
IT was great! I think thats the first time weve ever seen Tod Welkins get
semmi violent with Cass Van Rye. I loved when Cheri got hit in the face with
the book, and when Will grabbed her by the neck (was it?) They were throwing
her about like a rag doll. "Hes ma little Jew!" hehe

Sketch)- MAry Catherine Gallager-

This was probably my favorite sketch of the evening. One of the reasons
being Chris Kattan. I patiently awaited his first sketch of the night and it
finally came. The little Jewish basketball player, Amal. From the moment
his little feirce eyes started to dart around the room, I knew KAttan was
back! Anyway, not to dwell..... Seinfeld was really funny in this one, and
Molly Shannon as always, SIMPLY SPLENDED. Shes my female hero! I cant wait
for october 8th!!!! "Jewish Boys!"

Commmercial)- Javis home security systems

Once again. Some Will Ferrell for Robin! He slipped a little with his lines
but the idea for the commercial was funny. Well, it was a lot better then
clownweener.poop or whatever it was! So back off!

Sketch)-Action 8 news watch

Dull as dull. How could they put something like this in the season premier?

Weekend Update /w/ Colin Quinn

He (Colin) did a much better job tonight then the way he ended last season
(if that makes any sense to you at all.) I think he and Lorne covered some
bases, and now Colin isnt allowed to say just whatever the he ll he wants.
But it was good. Jimmy Fallon was great!!! That kid is going places!

David Bowie (musical guest)-

What can I say? I loved him in Labarynth. But seriously hes the cats
pajamas. I love David Bowie he did just great!

Sketch(OZ)- Well I thought this was pretty funny. Not many people seem to
share that opinion. Is it me? Is there something wrong with my sense of
humor? Oh god I hope not...

Sketch)- 1800- eat-sh**

Oh god!! IT was horrible! Possibly one of the worst I have seen in a long
time. I dont know if that message at the end about not liking the sketch
writing was supposed to make up for it but OH GOD! In the famous words of
Will Ferrell "It was HORRIBLE!!!!"

Sketch)-...and a pizza place

Oye viegh! If it wern't for Chris Kattan's Andy Dick impersonation....well
see review of 1800-eat-sh**.
Once again how does this stuff make it into the season premier?

David Bowie

Once again, Bravo!

Sketch)- He's alive...he's dead...he's alive..

Suprisingly really funny. IT was great to see Will Ferrell Finally loose it
and just start cracking up. I was a laughing hard by the end of the sketch.
The whole Patch Adams thing was GREAT!


Well to some it up, why?!? Why was it so un-funny? What were they thinking?
I was expecting so much more out of the show that is supposed to keep on
giving. All I can say is, theres a lotta room for improvement as the season
goes on.

Episode Review written by Robin

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