Jerry Seinfeld / David Bowie
October 2, 1999

Over all, I was disapointed at this season premeir....I was expecting parodies of summer movies, and events from the summer, not stuff like what was on. I hope that the rest of the season is better, but I am sure it will be...ok the review...
Opening: I thought this was funny, Especially Cheri Oteri as Ross Perot!!! Also Will Ferrell as Jesse Ventura ripping through the wall!! A great start I give it a A-

Monologue: This was OK, I was expecting a funny stand up bit from Seinfeld, or something...it was kins of boring but not too long. I give it a B

Commercial: This was funny only because it took me by suprise, but it was so funny, ClownPenis.Fart! ok I give it an A (thats generous though)

Morning Latte: Eh, it was ok, the hair dresser thing was funny! I give it a A-

Commercial: Took me by suprise, I thought it was funny, I liked Ana Gasteyer's reaction, who the hell are you? It was for Home Security Systems..I give it a B

News Channel 8: SO FUNNY!! That is how they actually are though, if you ever watch the news at 11 pm!! Ana Gasteyer looked the part of a news person!!!! I give it an A

Weekend Update- OK, WTF????? The shark thing was stupid, but it was funny that they called sharks "Death Tubes with teeth" or something, but the rest was stupid, i give it a D

Musical Guest: Left the room, he looks good for a guy in his 50's though

OZ: the hilight of the night! I thought this was really funny!!! I have only seen that show once, but it was a good parody, I loved the Contest thing!! JUST LIKE SEINFELD!!!! A++++++++!!!!!!!!


1-800-EAT-SHIT: This was stupid all around, and the end was so stupid, call NBC at 1800 FU........ It gets an F

Pizza Place- again, WTF???? Do they think this stuff is funny when they write it? The end was funny, with that guy from E!, and the Andy Dick impression was good, C- I am being generous with that though

David Bowie- didnt watch

Beating Up/Saving- hated this one, it didnt even get one laugh out of me...F-


OVERALL: I thought that this was a really lame way to start the season, but they only have one way to go, and thats up =)

Episode Review written by Lauren

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