Jerry Seinfeld / David Bowie
October 2, 1999

[OPENING] Perot seeks ideal Reform candidate
So-so Cold opening- part of it was funny part of it wasn't. Cheri Oteri is a funny Ross Perot though. And I liked the part at the end when Jesse Ventura came.
My Grade: B

[MONOLOGUE] Jerry Seinfeld
I don't care for Jerry Seinfeld much personally but I thought is monologue was pretty funny.
My Grade: B-

[COMMERCIAL] www.clownpenis.fart
Yeah the title is funny but they could have done a better job.
My Grade: C

[SKETCH] Morning Latte
These people are crazy! The gay jokes were pretty funny and this was one of the funnier "Morning Latte" sketches I've seen.
My Grade: B+

[SKETCH] Mary Katherine Gallagher goes for Jewish boy
These MKG sketches are always great- I can't WAIT for the movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Period.
My Grade: A-

[COMMERCIAL] Javis Home Security System
Believe it or not, this was my FAVORITE sketch on the show. I laughed so hard. It was totally NOT what I expected. Some people probably thought it was dumb but no way- this was the best! Will Ferrell is GREAT at being calm and then freaking out!
My Grade: A++++++++++++

[SKETCH] Action 8 News Watch
This reminds me a lot of the real news sometimes but although it was clever and entertaining it wasn't very funny. But because it was orginal, it was better.
My Grade: B

[WEEKEND UPDATE] with Colin Quinn
It was a pretty good update but Colin Quinn looked almost robotic and had NO face expression. I did think it was a good update compared to some of them.
For Update: A- As a sketch: B-

I don't like David Bowie; I didn't watch it.

Okay this was funny but the gay jokes got a little old and too disgusting after awhile. Although it probably is like a real prison nowadays.
My Grade: C

[SKETCH] 1-800-EAT SH**
This got old too but I still thought it was kind of funny.
My Grade: C+

[SKETCH] ... and a Pizza Place
Stupid- I did NOT like this sketch. It was boring. Maybe it was a little clver but not much. I didn't find it humorous.
My Grade: D-

Didn't watch it.

[SKETCH] He's alive ... he's dead ... he's alive
Although this got old, it was funnier than the last couple of sketches. I especially liked the spoof on Patch Adams and where Jerry Seinfeld started laughing on accident.
My Grade: B

It was OK. The season premiere could've been better- it could've been a lot worse too. Some sketches were funny. Some were stupid. Some, well I just don't know what the writers were thinking which is good on SNL.
Overall Grade: B-

Episode Review written by Jules

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