Jerry Seinfeld / David Bowie
October 2, 1999

Perot seeks ideal reform candidate: Funny Cheri Oteri did a good impression so did Will Fearell and I did not even recognize Chris Parnell A

Monologue: It was alright. I was expecting Jerry to do some stand up but this was probably better than that since I don't like his stand up. Still, it could have been better

WWW.clownpenis.com: This was very cheap. Probably the cheapest skit they have done in a while. But it was funny A

Morning Latte: You know I used to like this skit when every episode somebody yelled at the woman "Shut up you stupid..." but It's just kind of anoying now. And unlike most people I don't realy like Will Fearel. It was fair though C-

Marry Caterine Gallagher: Pretty funny. I loved how the guy prettended not to like her in front of his friends but was all over her when they left A

Javis home security: I was watching the show with my mom and brother and my mom started pretending she didn't like mary Katherine Gallegher and we got into an argument about it so I missed this skit but I'll give it the benifit of the doubt A

Action News watch: It's funny cuase' it's true they do that type of crap on the news. But it started to get alittle long B+

Weekend update: they didn't have the opening. I love the opening. The jokes weren't that funny, I expect more from weekend update it's usualy the best part of the show this time it was just a B

Musical Guest: I don't like David Bowie I'm not a fan. I don't watch SNL for the music. F

Oz: I fell asleep on David Bowies performance and I missed this skit but I will give it the benifit of the doubt A

1-800-eat-$%!+: This was pretty funny. The man was a dumb ass for calling that number B

and a pizza place: This was alittle bit funny, but it was more stupid than funny C

Musical guest: I don't like David Bowie I'm not a fan I don't watch SNL for music F

He's dead...He's alive...He's dead: This was hillarius, Will Fearell and Jerry Sienfeld had me cracking up. I was on the floor when he was killing him and bringing him back over and over agian.. And Jerry was cracking up too A

the total score Is an A but I would like to see more Tracy morgan and there wasn't any skits about Quayle dropping out. No ladies man. No Clinton.

Episode Review written by JMaccc

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