Jerry Seinfeld / David Bowie
October 2, 1999

OPEN: I thought Cheri Oteri was perfect, she had a great presence as Ross Perot and the Jesse part was hilarious, I'm glad it was short and sweet. 6/10
MONOLOGUE: I missed the monologue, but I still have the tape of the show, so I will eventually get around to watching it
CLOWNPENIS.FART: I sometimes do not understand the humor of some of these commercials, or where they come from, but this one was funny since it made no sense at all. I thought the dot fart was beyond funny!! 7/10
MORNING LATTE: I love the Will/Cheri combination, and they do a perfect talk show, however the jokes were a bit weak, and the sketch ran a bit too long. Jerry was good at making cracks at the two. Loved the calzones part especially. 7/10
MARY CATHERINE: I laughed so hard at this sketch. I was beginning to think Mary C. was gettting old, but Molly Shannon has wonderful stage presence. Tim Meadows as an Ethiopian?!! HA! The writing was good. 9/10
JAVIS HOME SECURITY: I thought it was a diaper commercial, as did everyone else I'm sure. What a twist. I loved it! I was pretty much speechless!!! 8/10
ACTION 8: I always wondered why the news would get you all psyched to hear a story that seemed so urgent, then never tell you the actual news. This was another example of some good writing. 7/10
COLIN: Actually enjoyed this weekend update, esp. the Chris Gaines/ Garth Brooks joke. If Colin wrote any of this, he is definitely getting better!! Jerry and the cute guy did a great little sketch too 9/10
DAVID: Reminded me of the Labyrinth music, I really like David Bowie and respect his music, as a musician, so no ripping on anything here. 9/10
OZ: I have never watched Oz, but I'm sure this impression of the show was pretty dead on. I liked the grainy look, and Jerry was great. I liked how they tied in the last Seinfeld to the skit. 7/10
1-800-EAT..: This could have been so much better. Whenever Will is in a sketch I get so happy, but when he has nothing to work with, its pretty much pointless. Where is the humor in not being able to say a word? This had some potential, but it was far from being reached. 5/10
AND A PIZZA PLACE: My boyfriend thought this sketch was hilarious, I found it okay, but I guess it was just plain silly. What a funny idea, though, the pizza place. Someone burned his tongue. !! 7/10 Just because my boyfriend laughed, it made me laugh more.
D BOWIE: Rebel Rebel is always nice. Great job. Makes me want to see Bowie live. 9/10
DEAD/ALIVE: What was this?! I didn't understand, I think I laughed the first time, but after like the sixth time, it got old. Anyway, i guess 6/10 is pretty generous.
Overall, I guess I wasn't completely disappointed, but I think it could have been better. Hopefully this is not indicative of the entire new season, but it was Jerry Seinfeld, not someone I really liked, which might have made more of a difference.

Episode Review written by Jennifer

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