Jerry Seinfeld / David Bowie
October 2, 1999

[OPENING] Perot seeks ideal Reform candidate

Decent skit. We knew that they'd swipe at Ventura sooner or later. Dana Carvey still does the best Perot impression, although Cheri did her best. B-

[MONOLOGUE] Jerry Seinfeld

C+ I've never, repeat NEVER been a fan of Seinfeld. Just never got into the show or his stand-up.

[COMMERCIAL] www.clownpenis.fart

Good for a laugh. C+

[SKETCH] Morning Latte

I've always been a fan of this skit. Cheri's cluelessness always kills me, although this one wasn't as good as others. B-

SKETCH] Mary Katherine Gallagher goes for Jewish boy

Note to SNL: This wasn't funny the first 8000000000 times. And did we REALLY need her to repeat the "armpit" thing AGAIN? C-

COMMERCIAL] Javis Home Security System

This one got me. Total 180-turn from the diaper commercial we thought it was. B+

[SKETCH] Action 8 News Watch

Oh, look, they're making fun of local news promos. Ha. D+

WEEKEND UPDATE] with Colin Quinn

Colin's coming into his own, and WU's still the funniest thing on the show, but I just hope the "Norm hosting" rumors are true so that he can do WU once again. He's the best. The Millennium Shark thing was lame. B+




Great sketch. I watched Oz when it began, have lost track after the first two seasons...still, it was great to see Jerry in Oz with the inmate cast. Funny premise, executed perfectly. B-

[SKETCH] 1-800-EAT SH**

I know that they have a week to write sketches, but c'mon, this thing was dead thirty seconds after it began. Stop beating a dead horse. D+

[SKETCH] ... and a Pizza Place

Liked the premise of how programming execs are clueless idiots and Kattan's Andy Dick is always funny. B-



[SKETCH] He's alive ... he's dead ... he's alive

BEST sketch of the entire show. Seinfeld losing it at the end was icing on the cake. First time I've laughed real hard during an SNL sketch in a loooong time. A+

Overall: This being the 1st ep, no one can judge. A B- episode (and where was Tracy Morgan during this episode?), and can someone tell me why there's no new episode next week?! They've had ALL summer off! Anyway, that's my $0.02.

Episode Review written by Jason Bacon

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