Jerry Seinfeld / David Bowie
October 2, 1999

Overall, I'd have to say that the opener was outstanding. There were very
few skits that didn't make me laugh, and there were several that were just
hilarious. I hope they keep up this level of comedy throughout the whole
season. I have to admit that I was disappointed that Colin is still behind
the desk on Weekend Update, but he did an OK job this week, so maybe that
won't be so bad either.


Perot seeks ideal Reform candidate

I loved it! It's nice to see someone playing Perot again, especially since
that someone is Cheri Oteri. In my opinion she plays the exact same
character all too often, so it was good to see her doing something a little
different, and her Perot was hilarious.

Seinfeld's monologue

You either like Seinfeld's humor or you don't. I like it, so I thought the
monologue was good.


Laughed my butt off. Told the boyfriend that when I get my own domain I
want a .fart suffix.

Morning Latte

Usually I hate Morning Latte, but this one was pretty good. Cheri Oteri's
hair was a nice touch, as was her previously unseen husband.

Mary Katherine Gallagher

I know they had to have an MKG sketch on because Superstar is coming out,
but I really can't stand Mary Katherine. No more MKG this season, for the
love of God (yet I know this is a futile request).

Javis Home Security System

I died laughing. The bloody clown standing outside the shower was the best

Action 8 News Watch

A good parody of TV news -- "something important happened but we're not
telling you what until you watch our damn show".

Weekend Update

Colin's OK. Having the dueling Seinfelds on was pretty funny.

Musical Guest David Bowie

David Bowie RULES. He just RULES, ok? I was a little disappointed that he
didn't do "Changes" as promised on the MTV Video Music awards.

This sketch was OK, but definitely reeked of "last half hour of the show".


The concept was funny, but this skit stretched out just a little too long.
I laughed, though.

...and a Pizza Place

Again, the concept was funny but the sketch lasted way too long. By the
time the scene changed to the Oscars, I was bored.

Musical Guest David Bowie

Did I mention that David Bowie RULES?

He's alive... he's dead... he's alive

This had me rolling on the floor crying, I was laughing so hard. Seinfeld
really made the sketch with his physical comedy, and the concept was just
hilarious in general.

Episode Review written by Jan Bednarczuk

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