Jerry Seinfeld / David Bowie
October 2, 1999

[OPENING] Perot seeks ideal Reform candidate

Suffers from last weeks anniversary special - Dana Carvey's Perot was so well done that this effort has to suffer by comparison. Will Ferrell's Jesse Ventura seemed to owe more to Randy Savage than Jesse Ventura. Chris Parnell's Buchanan was unconvincing. The concept was kind of interesting, but in the end, it is just a power struggle within an obscure third party - doesn't measure up to the best openings, either in conception or in execution.

[MONOLOGUE] Jerry Seinfeld

Neat premise - in the world's most exciting city, and never leaving the house. Also a very clever 'dating several married women' reference. Seemed a tad slow.

[COMMERCIAL] www.clownpenis.fart

Again, decent concept (stuck with a lousy URL), but Parnell is not dynamic enough, and everybody knows there are no .fart URL's.

[SKETCH] Morning Latte

A few laughs, the firing-the-stylist part had a little promise, Parnell was actually decent as the drugged-up husband. Writers need to take these two characters in different and more creative/risky directions - currently, each set-up and pay-off is too similar.

[SKETCH] Mary Katherine Gallagher goes for Jewish boy

Pretty funny, good use of characters, a recurring character that DOES go in different risky/creative directions. Nice to see Chris Kattan - need to see more of him.

[COMMERCIAL] Javis Home Security System

Strange twist, funny - does what the commercials need to do - quick, cheap laugh.

[SKETCH] Action 8 News Watch

Concept was very good, but the writing tended to drag a little. Inanity of local news is a no-brainer.

[WEEKEND UPDATE] with Colin Quinn

The usual - some hits, some misses on this - Quinn does a good job, as usual. Point-counterpoint was very good, Jimmy Fallon did a very nice job - seemed to have Seinfeld down cold.


Ironic to see Bowie - last week on the anniversary special, he showed up in all the previous decades. Suitable big name for the season opener, and at least his music challenges the viewer.


Very, very good - only problem is you almost had to be an Oz fan to get most of it (and there don't appear to be enough of us out there) - very convincing, both in terms of the characters and the 'feel' of the presentation. As a bonus, maybe it will turn more people on to HBO's other great original series (besides The Sopranos).

[SKETCH] 1-800-EAT SH**

Funny idea - we've all seen the bumper stickers - good for a few laughs. Whole concept of a 'customer-driven' 1-800-EAT-SH** number is a good one.

[SKETCH] ... and a Pizza Place

Like the local newscast, attacking the inanity of network programming ought to be a no-brainer - liked the concept, pacing wasn't quite as crisp as you would like - best part was Kattan, in another too-brief appearance.


Good number, nice to listen to.

[SKETCH] He's alive ... he's dead ... he's alive

Kind of a reach - the sadist/Patch Adams setup had some potential. Seemed to be too much like late-show filler, however.

WORST - The Opening

Where is Chris Kattan ? The man is funny - we need to see more of him (The same for Darrell Hammond)

Episode Review written by Greg White

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