Jerry Seinfeld / David Bowie
October 2, 1999

[INTRO] Looking for a new leader for the Reform Party

4 out of 5

Ok, the thing was frikin' hilarious. I laughed so hard at Cheri Oteri. She looked funny as hell. Darrel Hammond also did a good
impression of Donald Trump. Will Ferell as Jesse Ventura was great too. Will's the best. All in all it was great


I was a little disappointed that the design wasn't changed, but what the hell.

[MONOLOGUE] Jerry Seinfeld

1 out of 5

It was boring. Boring! Jerry Seinfelds a funny guy and all, but I think he could've done some other stuff instead of his every day
routine. But I guess that's what makes him funny.

[COMMERCIAL] Dillon/Edwards Investments

4.5 out of 5

It was flippin' great. Chris Parnell and Will Farell are the absolute best at doing those sort of commercials. I guess you could say that
I'm a big fan of the SNL commercials. www.clownpenis.fart - chaeck it out.

[SKETCH] Morning Latte

3 out of 5

Morning Latte is getting kinda boring now. It was goo for the first few times, but too much "Morning Latte" is not good. Still Will
Farell and Cheri Oteri make it great. Jerry Seinfeld's acting on this one was terrible. It was too fake.

[SKETCH] Mary Katherine Gallagher

2 out of 5

I love Mary Katherine Gallagher, but this one sucked big time. What the hell was up with it. The only real funny thing was Tim
Meadows as the Ethiopian exchange student. That was great. With the movie out, they're taking it too far.

[COMMERCIAL] Javis Home Security

5 out of 5

Funny as hell. That's all I got to say.

[SKETCH] Action 8 News Watch

4 out of 5

That sketch was exact depiction of the local news. They did a great job (the writers) and so did Seinfeld and Gasteyer.


3.5 out of 5

Better than last season's. Colin Quinn seems to be talking slower and more clearly. The jokes weren't that great, but Jimmy Fallon's
impression of sein feld was dead on. Jerry was even laughing himself. The 3.5 definitely goes to Jimmy Fallon.


Big ass negative 20 out of 5

David Bowies really sucks the big one.


4 out of 5

Great recreation of Oz. Jerry did great and the dialogue was hilarious. I was laughing.


3.5 out of 5

Ok, Will Farell for sure made it funny, but the rest of the people were good. Realtively funny dialogue.

[SKETCH] and a Pizza Place

2.5 out of 5

Pretty lame. I mean come on, it's the season premiere, can't the writers think of anything better.


Another big ass negative 20 out of 5

David Bowie's music takes it hard.

[SKETCH] The Beat-Up Doctors

4 out of 5

Pretty damn good, pretty damn good. I was cracking up at the end when Jerry Seinfeld started to laugh, which in turn caused Haratio
and Will to chuckle too.


SUMMARY: All in all this episode wasn't all what I had expected for a season premiere. It's more like a mid-season episode. I think the
writers could have pull something a little better out of there sleeves.

Episode Review written by Daniel Humenny

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