Jerry Seinfeld / David Bowie
October 2, 1999

[OPENING] Perot seeks ideal Reform candidate

Ehh... Cheri as Perot was hilarious, and Will as Jesse
Ventura was okay. The rest of it kind of sucked.

[MONOLOGUE] Jerry Seinfeld

Jerry's obsession with "Wings" and just seeing Jerry
again was great, but as monologues go, this one was
almost as bad as Gwyneth Paltrow! 5/10

[COMMERCIAL] www.clownpenis.fart

Finally, something funny! Only one domain name
left... www.clownpenis.fart. Does anybody really own
clownpenis.com? 9/10

[SKETCH] Morning Latte

And... back to the tedium. The "Cass can't have
pizza" gag wore off after about ten seconds, but
picking on Eli never gets old! After Cass revealed
that he lost his ability to ejaculate... the score for
this one doubled. Plus, Chris Parnell had a seizure!

[SKETCH] Mary Katherine Gallagher goes for Jewish boy

Eh... MKG used to be my favorite sketch but it's kinda
gone downhill now. It's semi-predictable. Jerry with
an afro and a yarmulke was cute. What was up with Tim
and the Ethiopian thing anyway? 6/10

[COMMERCIAL] Javis Home Security System

LMAO! This was a great parody! For such a short one,
it was pretty funny. "Who the hell are you?!" 8/10

[SKETCH] Action 8 News Watch

This reminded me of NewsForce from the Bill Paxton
episode last year-- no real point, but it was funny
anyway. 8/10

[WEEKEND UPDATE] with Colin Quinn

Mediocre update. Was it just me or did Colin look
like he really didn't want to be there? 6/10


Bowie's okay, I guess... I like a couple of his songs,
but this was nothing special. Is this going to be on
the new album? 5/10


I knew they wouldn't be able to leave without a
"Seinfeld" parody of some sort... HOT DAMN! I was not
disappointed, especially during the "make-up sodomy"
part and "the contest". "Whoever can go the longest
without committing male rape wins the contest!"... and
then hearing Jerry say he was out... :p Please tell me
the rest of the season is going to be this funny.

[SKETCH] 1-800-EAT SH**

Reeking, stinking, corn-fed, fetid, fly-covered...
this sketch was definitely not. Again, no real
direction, but it was funny as hell anyway, especially
right after Will was told to eat shit. "HEY! What the
hell?!" 8/10

[SKETCH] ... and a Pizza Place

This is where the "reeking, stinking, etc..." part
from 1-800-EAT-SH** would fit in. Boring. The part
where Eriq LaSalle ate the slice of ricotta cheese
pizza at the end was moderately cute, but the rest of
the sketch left a lot to be desired. This is why they
waited until the end of the show to air this one.


YEAH! "Rebel Rebel"! He wasn't wearing a dress,
*and* he played "Rebel Rebel"! Would've been nice to
hear "Changes", but this is almost as good. He
doesn't look quite as anorexic this year, which is
good. 9/10

[SKETCH] He's alive ... he's dead ... he's alive

Funny... then stupid... then funny again. I kind of
felt embarrassed for Will when he pulled the Patch
Adams crap with the enema bulb and everything, but he
redeemed himself a few seconds later when he smashed
Seinfeld across the face with a bedpan :) The best
part, by far, was when all of them lost it at the end.
Will had his face in his arm, laughing his ass off;
Horatio looked like he was biting his lip; Jimmy was
off-camera, but there was a shot of him and he
laughed; and Jerry couldn't help himself either. The
parts where they screw up are always the funniest for
some reason. That's why I'm giving it the highest
rating... 10/10

OVERALL: An excellent show for the beginning of the
season. It can only get better.


Episode Review written by Cryptkeeper

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