Jerry Seinfeld / David Bowie
October 2, 1999

I just want to preface this by saying that if you only read my first five
or so paragraphs you might have the perception that I arbitrarily trash
everything in sight. Not so. I simply thought the show just really sucked
in the early going. I WANT to like the show but it's not easy these days.

[OPENING] Perot seeks ideal Reform candidate

Alright, I really have it in for this one. This just sucked. Dana Carvey
totally owns the Perot character so anyone else inevitably looks like
a weak imitation, but that's far from the biggest problem here. The Pat
was really badly done here. Very, very cheap and reeking of desperation;
there's a lot to satirize about Pat but the writers didn't even bother
to try on that one. Pathetic. Well, the Donald was a little better. I
predicted out loud right away that Ventura would be making an "appearance"
- did you? Of course it's Will Ferrell, our very poor man's Phil Hartman.

[MONOLOGUE] Jerry Seinfeld

The comedians always have the best monologues. A little disappointing from
Jerry though; didn't make me laugh. There should be a better one this

[COMMERCIAL] inappropriate web address

Good concept; just didn't really make me laugh either. They'll top this
commercial this season.

[SKETCH] Morning Latte

Jerry salvaged a bit of this but it was still pretty bad. It was painful
to see the sight of that guy on the floor getting no laughs whatsover.

[SKETCH] MCG and the Jewish basketball player

More formula writing on auto-pilot. I can't stand this character OR
Molly Shannon and I hope the movie makes less than "Detroit Rock City".
The basketball team was vaguely interesting but this recurring sketch
always has lazy writing.

[COMMERCIAL] Javis Home Security

Finally something interesting. You didn't know where this was going
until the 'twist' ending. The show needs more of this!

[SKETCH] Action News

Not great. Will didn't need to be in this sketch.

[WEEKEND UPDATE] Colin Quinn, duelling Seinfelds

I think the net is too hard on Colin. Is it because of the circumstances
he came into the gig? In the long line of WU hosts he's certainly no worse
than the middle of the pack IMO. Yes, his delivery could be better but I
find the jokes kinda funny anyhow. I liked the millenium report on sharks.
I thought it was almost - and I really hesitate to use this phrase -
Pythonesque in concept. Duelling Seinfelds: ehhh. Take away the goal
scored with the audience on the cheap "ignorant slut" catchphrase. I was
hoping they wouldn't resort to that; it was more surprising back when
Keith said it to "Mick" but I was expecting it here.


I really can't remember anything about this song, but Bowie will be one of
the more talented musical guests they get this year anyway.


Never saw the show this is based on but those who have seen it loved this.
I guess I didn't fully get it then. I did like the little jabs at
Seinfeld's TV finale though.

[SKETCH] 1-800.....

If this was a few years ago, David Spade would be the receptionist for
sure. But shoudn't those bumper stickers be offering web sites these days
instead of phone numbers? Never mind. It went on a little too long but it
wasn't the worst skit of the night.

[SKETCH] ....and a Pizza Place

The era of "highbrow" sketches on SNL seem to be over but this was a good
sketch to give a chance to. They really tried to go somewhere with it. I
don't think you need to go for a big laugh in every skit and this was a
nice "concept" sketch to try late in the show.


The classic Rebel Rebel! A 25-year old song to co-incide with the 25th
anniversary of SNL? This might make for a good trivia question of what
artist performed a song on SNL the longest after first recording it. I
don't know if this is the winner but it must be high on the list; I think it
might beat McCartney's 1993 performance of "Hey Jude" (1968) by a matter
of months.

[SKETCH] He's alive...he's dead

This was a really good sketch for the 12:50am zone. This is weird...the
show sucks to start and actually gets better at the end; that doesn't
happen too often. Even more unusual is that I wasn't annoyed by a sketch
mostly revolving around Will!


They made it all the way through the credits tonight!


A dreadful, dreadful, DREADFUL opening half-hour followed by some decent
stuff later in the show for anyone who stuck it out. Seinfeld's 1992 show
was very 'influential', if you will; after that show aired, I heard a lot
of "what's up with that?" and "what's the deal with...?" in everyday
conversation (I don't think this came from Seinfeld's own show, which
hadn't peaked yet). I didn't connect with anything in this show, though
it's not really Jerry's fault. I really think it's high time to get rid of
most of the main cast; I'm enjoying the newer players more, though I like
Hammond. Waiting for Rachel; would be cool to see her sneak into the
position of most talented current female performer (wouldn't take much
right now, I'm afraid).

Episode Review written by Chris Jackson

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