Jerry Seinfeld / David Bowie
October 2, 1999

Hello People!I actively came here last season to read all the reviews,now I think I'll give it a try!


Okay,I guess not the best but not bad!I have high hopes for Ferrell's Ventura impersonation!It will give him a chance to yell,and by god he's great at that!

I'll give it a B

Seinfield Mono/

Not the greatest,but all the Monologue's are traditionally weak!Jerry had some funny,kinda snicker snicker jokes though!


LMAO now thats what I love,garbage sketches!Not ingenius but hilariously stupid!Great stuff!


Morning Latte

Weren't people tired of this last year?Anyway it kinda looked like Ferrell and Oteri were just getting back into things and off their game!Seinfield snapping wasn't very funny either!Sorry folks!


Mary Katherine Gallagher

Gotta love cheap plugs for movies!Not that,thats a bad thing!Anyway I love this character and I'm sure the movie rocks!I cracked up when Seinfield was doing those moves to get away from her,as did Miss Shannon!I was a lil dissapointed that there where boxes behind the prop Shannon fell on!Made it look thrown together and weak,but it is sketch comedy not wrestling so...........


Home Security commercial

Ferrell is great at yelling and being serious,and that makes him the glue that holds SNL together!All I can say is hilarious!


Action 8 News

Hmmmmmmm I thought this show did parodies,this seemed too realistic!Hee Hee funny stuff,I loved how Seinfiel patronized the veiwers!One of the best!


Weekend Update

I've always liked Kevin Nealon's Update because he treated it like an actual News show instead of a forum for standup!Ofcourse Quinn's way is good too,and I see an improvement since last season!I like how he works the crowd when the groan and whine!:o)



Not that he's bad I just didn't pay much attention



I liked the get up where He was sentenced for a mediocre show!Classic case of SNL pushing the envelope!



LMAO I liked the begining where Ferrell acted much like his angry father persona!I was kinda hoping they would portray Ferrell as a psycho who took a joke seriously,but their version was good too!I think they tried to force the same joke too much but it was good!It would give it a B+,but the end with the sketch writing number was great!Predictable but great!


Pizza Place

I liked when they just showed that guy eating!It was kind of a drag on though!



I like that song!


Alive Dead sketch

Original!They cheap looking punches were great!LMAO!I love it when the cast loses it and cracks up!Seinfield sure didn't look to hurt!


Great show!I'm not too demanding I just like to relax and just enjoy what the give us!Seinfield did a great job hosting!The cast looked relaxed so naturally the audience is!I hope the get Adam Sandler to host soon!Anyway God bless you all!

Episode Review written by Buck

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