Jerry Seinfeld / David Bowie
October 2, 1999

This is Bob Barron with an SNL episode review.
We had a good 25th anniversary so will we have a good
premire? This is my first review since Jeff
Goldblum/En Vogue so I'm a little rusty. Here goes-

Cold Opening-Perot seeks Reform canidate.
Darrel Hammond you are know Phil Hartman even though
that was a good impression. I liked the Ross Perot and
the Pat Buchanan but the ending was lame. B
Intro-Same as last year. So Chris, Jimmy and Horatio
are cast members now? Good
Monolouge-You know what I didnt like about this? It's
probably true. Overall, really funny. A-
Commercial-clownpenis.fartExcellent! Great! I loved
it. For the record there is know clownpenis.fart.
Finally Chris Parenell was used for good. A
Morning Latte-Funny as always. Cheri and Will are in
EVERYTHING. Still pretty good. B+
Mary Katherine Gallagher-Last year the Roxbury guys
got a skit before their movie so mary gets one too.
Wasn't as good as other Mary Katherines. Tim was
great. Note-Wasn't Molly supposed to be doing Grinch?
Commercial-Javis Security Too creepy. I'm sorry this
one ws just creepy and only slightly funny. C
Action 8 News-Another good one. Ran just the right
length. So far Jerry's been in every skit 'cept for
cold opening. My UPN News is just like that. A
Weekend Update-solid Quinn. Bad Millenium thing. Good
point-counterpoint.(Reminded me of Keith Richards and
Mick Jagger) Jimmy Fallon will be a star. B
David Bowie-not that great. Snooze. C
Oz-This was cool. 2nd best of night!!! I loved the
reference to the Contest and how everyone rapes people
on Oz. A
1-800 Eat Sh**-Best of the night! I'm a sucker for
these skits. Just a good funny skit helped by a cool
ending with Don Pardo.
and a Pizza Place-worst skit of the night. Awful.
Terrible. This should've been a 12:59 skit. F
David Bowie-Yay! He sang an awesome song! A-
Gangsta Hopsital-Good for a last skit. C+ if not last
skit, B- if last skit.
Overall-Prety good, some weak spots. No live ep next
week? Boo! Cant wait for 10-23! Norm will host.

Episode Review written by Bob Barron

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