Jerry Seinfeld / David Bowie
October 2, 1999

(Bec-O-Meters are from 1-10)
COLD OPENING- Perot Seeks Reform Candidate: I was dissapointed, I thought with all the hype that the cold opening would've been bigger, more exciting. I was hoping that maybe Lorne would come out or some unannounced guest. Cheri Oteri was funny, and I'm glad Chris Parnell finally has an impression. I give it an 8 on the Bec-O-meter.

MONOLOGUE : I thought Jerry was funny, he had some good lines. It wasn't the best monologue, but I wouldn't say it sucked. I'm pretty neutral on this one.
On the Bec-O-Meter, I give it a 6.

COMMERCIAL- clownpenis.fart : This was cute, I laughed. I'll give it a 7.

SKETCH- Morning Latte: Whoa that was one cool wig Cass van Rye had. I liked the jokes about the hairdresser, but why no mention of Cass's crossed ovaries? It had just the irght amount of gay withouth getting distasteful (ie- Norm MacDonald). Seinfeld was great, I loved it when he said "What did you win the show in a contest or something?". He brightened it up a lot. I'll give it 7.5/ 10.

SKETCH- Mary Katherine Gallagher: I just love Jewish jokes. Especially coming from Jerry Seinfeld. I'm Jewish and I tell them all the time. Mary Katherine Gallagher did a great Yentel. The thing at the beginning was pretty dumb, but once MKG and Seinfeld got out there I was cracking up. I give it a hearty 8.5.

COMMERCIAL- Javis Home Security: Oh man only the writers for SNL would think of such a thing. That was one of the funniest commercial I've ever seen on SNL, it was funnier than Colon Blow. The LOTS (Line Of The Show) was hwen Ana walksk in and yells "Who the hell are you!?!??!" I'm giving that one a 9.5.

SKETCH- Action 8 News Watch: Once again, leave to SNL to come up with the most creative but totally true things to make fun of. They share my thoughts exactly about the news these days. Tim Meadows had some funny stuff, as well as everyone else. That skit was just too funny! I'm giving it a 9.

Weekend Update: Here's where it gets tricky. Colin Quinn let me down, again. I'm not anti-Quinn, as a matter of fact I like him, but this was dissapointing, Even I will admit it. He's had all summer to come up with stuff! But he had a good joke in there I think, I'll give him a 5.

Point/Counterpoint with Jerry Seinfeld and Jerry Seinfeld: THIS is what I had been waiting for all night! Before the show started, I was thinking of all the ways they could have Seinfeld and Jimmy Fallon both be Seinfeld together. I knew it would be point/counterpoint right before Update came on. Jimmy Fallon is hilarious! I loved that! I would give t a 10, but I almost never give 10's, so this gets a nice 9.5. It was hysterical!

SONG: Bowie is okay. The song was good. I don't have much to say about the musical guests. The pink shirt was a little odd, but he was good. Love the new haircut. That's all I can say about it.

SKETCH- Oz : This was so cool. I loved watching Jerry put the toilet paper over the seat. I think it would've been nice to see Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Michael Richards, or Jason Alexander make guest appearances, but oh well. Liked the master of your domain part, that was a good episode. Jerry brought it home when he couldn't abstain from male rape, that was really unexpected. I give it an 8.

SKETCH- 1-800-EAT-SH*T: It started out strong, but I dont think the last few minutes were that funny. It was a good idea, a little confusing, but a good idea. I'll give it a 7.

SKETCH- ....And A Pizza Place: Nice job making fun of ABC, it was a yet another good idea that didn't turn out quite right. Not that the sketch was bad, I liked it. It looks to me like horatio lost some weight over the summer. Is that just me? Anyhow that's pointless, I'll give it a 7.

MUSIC- I know that song, so it was more enjoyable. He got my attention when he put his arm around the lady playing guitar. It would have been awesome if Trent Reznor came on and they did "Afraid of Americans" together. But on the bright side, maybe NIN will be a musical guest on their own this season. yay.

SKETCH- He's Alive, He's Dead, He's Alive: Okay by this point I am just plain SICK of Will Ferrell. Last season I loved him, but thought he was over done a little, and by now I realize he's overdone a LOT. Those of you who are sitting there going, "Oh no! Not Will Ferrell! He's The Man, what does she think she's talkign about!" just let me put it this way, Will has been in almost every sketch the entire show, Tracy Morgan wasn't in it all. I know that's not Will's fault, but I mean gimme a break. If it's not Will's fault then the writers need to hold back on putting him in EVERYTHING. If anyone agrees with me on this, e-mail at Bec761@aol.com because I need to discuss this matter. Getting back to the skit, it was creative, Horatio was funny, but Jimmy Fallon should've has some lines. If Jimmy had lines, it would be better. He looked great in that leather jacket. I'll give it a 7.

OVERALL : I don't know what to make of the show. Seinfeld was funny, some sketches were hilarious, others were dissapointing. More Tim Meadows, more Tracy Morgan, and much more Jimmy Fallon. Less Will Ferrell. Good premiere.

Episode Review written by Becca

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