Jerry Seinfeld / David Bowie
October 2, 1999

(OPENING) Reform Party Candidates

Well, it had a few laughs and some good impressions.

Grade : B

(MONOLOUGE) Jerry Seinfeld

Finally, a monolouge without the help of the cast. It was an original.

Grade : A

(COMMECIAL) www.clownpenis.fart

uhh...it was okay

Grade : C-

(SKETCH) Morning Latte

I love Morning Latte! Cheri and Will are always funny when they're together, I wish they would bring back the Cheerleaders. Parnell's character was pretty funny, too.

(SKETCH) Mary Katherine Gallagher

It was an okay MKG skit and Jerry did a good job, too. She didn't set up her fall very well and what was on her foot, did something happen to her? And I don't know if someone has michined this before, but do you notice how Cheri holds her arm in these skits?

Grade : B

(COMMERCIAL) Javis Home Security Systems

It took a longtime too get to the punchline and even then it wasn't that funny.

Grade : C

(SKETCH) Action 8 news

Whats bad is that news casters actually do things like that, not tell you what could be killing you at that very moment. It was pretty average, obviously something the writers thought up so I will give it a....

Grade : B-

(WEEKEND UPDATE) with Colin Quinn

It had some funny jokes, but what was up with that weekend update millenium thing, not funny at all. Sorry Colin you just didn't have it tonight. The two Jerry's thing was funny though, Jimmy Fallon rocks!

Grade : D for Colin B+ for Jimmy and Jerry


I think he was going for that super model look. I don't really like Bowie, but his song was good.

Grade : C


This was too funny. I was pratically rolling on the ground, definitely the best of the night.

Grade : A

(SKETCH) 1-800-EAT-SH**

When you think about it, it was pretty disgusting. Otherwise, it had a good ending and I am sure someone tried that number.

Grade : B-

(SKETCH) ...and A Pizza Place

Now this was just stupid. They should have done a Celebrity Jeopardy skit or something, this would be something Mad Tv would do. Come on SNL, I know you are better than this.

Grade : F


Same as above

(SKETCH) 3rd degree

It was funny when they kept on saying he's dead...he's alive. Did anyone notice Jerry laughing at the end?

Grade : B+

OVERALL : It was okay I guess, lets hope the Heather Graham episode is better though.

Episode Review written by Amy

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