Jerry Seinfeld / David Bowie
October 2, 1999

Ah, the new season of SNL. Been waiting for it all summer. Sounds like a good episode, with Seinfeld hosting. They also kept the same montage as least season which is good.

(OPENING) Perot Seeks Ideal Reform Candidate

Cheri does an OK Perot, but not as good as Dana Carvey. This was an ok sketch, considering it was the first new one in a few months.


(MONOLOGUE) Jerry Seinfeld

He does the best stand-up, and he was funny here as well. Only problem was it was a little bit too short.


(COMMERCIAL) www.clownpenis.fart

The name made me chuckle, but that's it. Nowhere near as good as any of the commercials in last year's opener. Not one to be repeated in every other episode also.


(SKETCH) Morning Latte

Like the last 3, this one has been under par. Cheri was missing some pf her hyperness and Will seemed to gain it. Seinfeld was ok, but it ws a mistake bringing Eli. He's better left off-camera.


(SKETCH) Mary Catherine Gallagher

Like the Roxbury Guys, mary seems to be pushing her movie in the opener as well. The routine is getting old, and I doubt the movie will be any good.


(COMMERCIAL) Javis Home Security System

Talk about a surprise. Very short, but still kinda funny.


(SKETCH) Action 8 News Watch

The audience seemed to be dead for this, but I enjoyed it. Seinfeld and Ana had the matters of reporters and the household item tips were funny.



No opening chat, which was nice. The sharks thing went nowhere. No good jokes either, just predictable ones. I'm hoping this is Colin's last season.



I've never seen the show, but I know about it and I enjpyed this sketch. My favorite on the night, and nice Seinfeld tie-in.


(SKETCH) 1-800-EAT-SH**

Uh, kinda good I guess. Just a one joke skit, but the message at the end was funnier than the whole skit altogether.


(SKETCH)....And A Pizza Place

I liked this one. Once we actually saw the show, it started working. Chris Kattan's Andy Dick was a good addition. He's very funny as Andy.


(SKETCH) He's Alive.....He's Dead......He's Alive

Didn't see it


(OVERALL) Not the best opener for season 25, but I know it will get better. Top sketches were ...and a Pizza Place and Oz. Bad sketches were MCG and Weekend Update. Next week is Best of 98-99, and the next host is Heather Graham. Maybe she will acutually act on SNL unlike her movies.


Episode Review written by Adam Shuler

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