The Rock / AC/DC
March 18, 2000

Let me just start out saying, finally The Rock has come to SNL! I'm a huge WWF and Rock fan. The Rock is soooo hot! Well enough of that...also I enjoy AC/DC, so I was expecting a good show.

[OPENING] Mick Foley, HHH, Vince McMahon, and Big Show Argue: Very funny. I think the best part was when Big Show says, "I just wanted to get a good seat!" Classic. Plus the part where they all laugh when Vince says trust me...I know how that one goes, don't trust any McMahon! Plus it was great to see Mick Foley, I bet he's going to come back to the WWF on Monday. GRADE: A+

[MONOLOGUE] The Rock: He's pretty funny although I knew that. My brother and our friends always crack up when The Rock takes the mic on Raw or SmackDown! so it wasn't anything new, just a little different. I really liked, "Oh HHH, I thought I smelt dander shampoo and monkey crap." It was also funny when he was talking about how he broke Tracy's legs and when HHH is like I'm going to pretend this guy is you until the end of the show! And of course...If ya smeeeellla, what The Rock is cookin'! I have to admit it's quite strange to not hear him talking in the third person or in his Rock voice! GRADE: A+

[COMMERCIAL] Uncle Jemima's Mash Liquor: It was okay. I was laughing a little but not that much. GRADE: B-

[SKETCH] The Ladies' Man: This was good! I saw the Rock in drag and almost fell over laughing! I thought it was so hysterical that you could see his tattoo through the dress! GRADE: A-

[SKETCH] Mr. Peepers and Father at Oxford: VERY funny! The Rock looked so funny! Even funnier than in a dress! The funniest part is when the broke through the wall! Again I almost fell over laughing! GRADE: A+

[SKETCH] Morning Latte: This was also good. A little slow until The Rock came out but that's okay. I thought it was funny when The Rock was talking about his wife and Cass says, "I bet she's terrified." What the Hell was with the Big Show's little dance?? What a weirdo! The end was funny though when he goes BOO and Cass ran. GRADE: A-

[WEEKEND UPDATE] with Colin Quinn: So-so. I don't think Colin is half as funny as Norm was but he tries. My favorite was Jimmy Fallon playing Spring Break Carols! He played Blink and Dave Matthews! How great!! GRADE: A- because Jimmy.

[MUSICAL GUEST] AC/DC: They were good. I like than but they're not my favorite. GRADE: B

[SKETCH] Superman Tries to Fool Coworker: I thought this was very clever! I loved how you could see the Superman suit under The Rock's suit! I laughed pretty hard when I saw it. GRADE: A-

[COMMERCIAL] The Goombahs: Haha! This was funny! I liked, "Meatzaballza!" GRADE: A

[SKETCH] Nicotrel: I was laughing so hard! This was funny! The first few punches were cheesy but otherwise it was great. I especially liked, "No guys that's not right...you've got to kick harder!" GRADE: A+

[SKETCH] Today's Lady: Kind of stupid. The only slightly funny part was Molly Shannon. Although it was pretty nice when The Rock came out in one of his 600 dollar shirts, which was nice looking on him....GRADE: B

[MUSICAL GUEST] AC/DC: I love this song! Good performance! GRADE: A

[COMMERCIAL] Old Fashion Horse Glue: I've three things to say about this sketch...STUPID STUPID STUPID! GRADE: F

Over all it was a good show, in fact I think it's been the best all season with Jamie Foxx and Blink-182 coming in at a close second (just because of Blink though...I'm a huge huge Blink fan!) The Rock is so awesome. He is the People's Champ. One thing though, it was so weird to see him and HHH and the Big Show all buddy-buddy at the end of the show! I'm used to seeing them wanting to rip each other's heads off! But, "Finally you've smelt what The Rock is cookin'!"

Episode Review written by Lauren B.

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