The Rock / AC/DC
March 18, 2000

McMahon Calms Down The Other Wrestlers - This was a decent opening. There's a rumor that these 3 guys and the Rock are all gonna fight together at WrestleMania and to see all the hatred they have on TV, now go away on SNL is pretty weird to see. I mean Mick Foley was beating Triple H with a 2X4 wrapped in barbed wire, and now their doing a comedic sketch together. Well, McMahon is showing that wrestling is merely, sports entertainment, and very entertaining at that. On that note, the wrestlers did come up with some good lines, Big Show was especially funny. A-

Monologue - I gotta give credit to the writers on this one, they found a way to write in why Tracy Morgan is never seen, this could become a recurring thing, each week have some freak accident occur to Tracy Morgan so he doesn't appear on the show. Triple H shook Rock's hand, that was cool to see. And then seeing the Big SHow and Mick Foley chant "Rocky! Rocky!" that was golden because Big Show was smacking Rock with a chair and chokeslamming him like 2 weeks ago. Oh well, funny nonetheless. A

Uncle Jemima's Mash Liquor - Well, I missed this the first time. It was okay, and at least it gets Tracy Morgan into the show. He plays 2 characters here in one parody, and then doesn't play 2 characters in the next 3 shows. Go figure. I'll give this one a C+

The Ladies Man - First of all, the bigger the 'fro, the better, I just want to say that. The Rock dressed as a woman looks pretty funny. Leon's ,"Yeah, that was disgusting..." good line, just like in the Ladies' Man when he takes Viagra. One of the Ladies Man's best lines. Gay reference when Rock was asleep on Leon's couch was a nice touch as well. A-

Mr. Peepers - The Rock amazingly got the Mr. Peepers characteristics down beautifully. Decent job with the apple, and the "back!" scream. Ear started falling off, but he did the job anyways. A+

Morning Latté - Rock showed some singing talent and showed his down to earth side. I liked how Tom and Cass were so scared of the Rock, and how Cass jumped when Rock touched her, very funny. Big Show was funny in this one too, excellent sketch. A+

Update - You know that Kevin Brennan guy we saw last week? I think Colin should be scared, because that guy will probably get his job. Colin was never in the show before except to do commentaries on Weekend Update. Norm having a bad show is funnier than Colin having a good show. This Brennan guy is gonna start showing up more and more, then he's gonna take over, because Colin isn't as funny as he was when he started, and its time for a change. On that note, Colin made a few good jokes, like the Kennedy one, which us Massachusetts people always find funny. Jasper Hahn the cartoonist was kinda sick, little bit funny. Jimmy Fallon is hilarious though. This guy is the second coming of Adam Sandler, and I think he has more musical talent. I don't think he'll be getting $20 million to do a movie anytime soon, but if he puts out a CD, it'll do pretty well. He writes song parodies very, very well. He makes this review grade so good. A-

AC/DC - Good to see a band that didn't sell out their awesome sound. These guys just edge out REM as best musical performance of the year on SNL. Angus Young rocks as the schoolboy. A

Clark Kent exposed - This was funny. Rock did a good job as Clark Kent, and the references to Superman being gay were hilarious. A

Goombahs - Good to see a Sopranos parody, but this wasn't that creative. Kinda funny to see Rock as an Italian though. C+

Nicotrel - This was funny too. The Rock didn't sell his punches on Chris Parnell as well as he sells them in the ring though. Mick Foley's people's elbow was cool too. A-

Today's Lady - Last sketches tend to be weak, and this one kinda was. Rachel Dratch really hasn't impressed me this season. And I suppose they had to let her get in the show somewhere. Not that great a sketch. C

AC/DC - Classic AC/DC. My favorite song by them. A

Horse Glue - I missed this the first time too. (God, I should drive faster to get home on Saturday Nights.) This was okay, it was slightly funnier than the Uncle Jemima one, so they should have done this one first. B-

Overall - On the whole, I was very impressed by the Rock. The use of the Rock and the other wrestlers was very well done. AC/DC brought the house down, best musical guest of the year, (of course Christina Aguilera could become my favorite, just depends what she wears.) Still, the Rock did a great job, this was a great night for SNL and the WWF. I hope Christopher Walken can follow up such a great show well. This is by far one of the season's best episode. Overall grade: A

Episode Review written by Garrett

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