The Rock / AC/DC
March 18, 2000

Opening-- "Vince makes the others promise not to beat up The Rock"
This was very funny stuff. The Big Show had little to do, and yet he stole
every scene he was in. It was the Big Show that had the steel chair behind
his back, and carried in Chris Kattan (dressed as Mango). "Can we keep him
please?" was the funniest line of the night, second to Triple H's two lines,
one of which is "What the hell kind of show is this?!" (The second one will
be revealed later.) Triple H's and Foley's facial expressions were
priceless. 5 of 5

Monologue-- The Rock
Not once did the "People's Champion" talk in the third person, albeit he
stayed in his "Rock" mode. This was by far, the coolest monologue ever.
Triple H stayed in character, shaking hands with The Rock and socking some
poor "jabroni". The crowd went nuts and so did I. 5 of 5

Commercial-- "Uncle Jemima's Mash Liquor"
Sucked. Not due to its stereotyping, but because it just wasn't funny. 0 of

The Ladies' Man
It took a lot of testicular fortitude for "The Rock" to come out in drag. He
tried real hard not to laugh. Leon (Tim Meadows) still had a thing for the
"ladies". "Nothing happened"? HAH! 4 of 5

Mr. Peepers
I think Mr. Peepers is a stupid concept. But The Rock as Papa Peepers was
funny. 4 of 5

Morning Latté
A lame sketch by itself, but The Rock kept us all in stitches. I wanted to
hear The Rock sing, but Foley and Show ruined it. Yet, it was funny... so
what? The funniest bit was when the Big Show barked at Cheri Oteri and Will
Ferrell and they screamed and ran off. 4 of 5

Two words: Norm who?
I liked the cartoonist and Colin's interaction. As for Jimmy Fallon, two
more words: Who Sandler? The best update ever. 5 of 5

AC/DC-- some song
Sucked. Disappointed by AC/DC 1 of 5

How can you rib the Rock like that and get away with it? When you're on SNL.
Screw Nicolas Cage and Dean Cain, but The Rock should be the next Superman.
(Impossible, since The Rock works for the WWF, and DC Comics has WCW as a
sister company.) 4 of 5

COMMERCIAL-- "The Goombahs"
A lame stereotypical concept, but it's made funny when The Rock says
"Meatza- ballsah!" 3 of 5

COMMERCIAL-- "Nicotrel"
The funniest bit of the night. The Rock as an anti-smoking agent?! I
laughted my arse off. The bit was also heartbreaking, because it would be
the only time Triple H, The Rock, Mick Foley, and The Big Show would ever
stomp the same guy. They'll all stomp each other come WrestleMania 2000. The
other best line? Triple H: "You call that a beating?" 5 of 5

This bit sucked, not even The Rock could save it. Not surprising, since SNL
slows down around its final half hour. However, I would give my right arm to
have Molly Shannon and Cheri Oteri all over me like that. 3 of 5 (but only
because of Molly Shannon's sexy outfit).

AC/DC- "You Shook Me All Night Long"
My favorite AC/ DC song. They redeemed themselves. 5 of 5

COMMERCIAL-- "Horse Glue"
Boring. 1 of 5

OVERALL-- 4.5 of 5
ACTUAL--- 3.5 of 5

It's not fair to give the actual because the show was really funny. In fact,
it's kinda pathetic because the WWF came in and did what this new batch
couldn't do: make SNL funny again.

Episode Review written by Felix H. Brown, III

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