The Rock / AC/DC
March 18, 2000

Hey SNL fans,

My name is Avi Fichtenbaum. I am writing my first review and I felt it was time I gave my feedback. I don't know if I'll be a regular here but here goes. I've only started watching SNL two years ago but I really got interested when NBC showed some of their Best ofs such as Eddie Murphy, Phil Hartman, Chris Farley, etc. And since October 1998 there have been Classic SNL following the current SNL season episode (Unfortunately, I haven't been able to watch them since March 1999 when my affiliate WPTZ started to infomercials instead. I wish they bring them back). But since last December I've been able to watch the old episodes when I started getting the Comedy Network (available in Canada), so I've been watching the great late '80's episodes.

Anyways, enough about that. Now to the review. I am not a wrestling fan but I knew it would get high ratings.

COLD OPENING: A good opening. I couple of parts I liked was when one of the wrestlers said he wanted to sure he had a good seat and the other one as when one of the wrestlers carried out Mango (Chris Kattan).
Rating: B

MONOLOGUE: Great to hear the audience get into it (with their cheering). The other wrestlers were funny again like in the opening. The Rock does like Rob Schneider, I think, although I would have liked to add in the words "Male Very Giggolo" along with " Deuce Very Biggolo". Too bad about Tracy Morgan. He should be in more sketches. He's one of my favourite cast members.
Rating: A

COMERCIAL PARODY: Even though I liked Uncle Jemima the first time it was on, why did they show it again? They have been doing that a lot. Have they ran out of ideas already? If they were going to show one that's, show one from a previous season.

LADIES MAN: The Rock dressed up as a women was very funny.
Rating: B-

MR. PEPPERS AT OXFORD: Not one of my favourite Chris Kattan characters.
Rating: C

MORNING LATTE: Nice to see this sketch back. The last one was the in Jerry Seinfeld episode in October. It was crazy when The Rock started singing and then the other wrestlers showed up again.
Rating: A

WEEKEND UPDATE: Colin Quinn is an okay anchorperson but I rather see Norm MacDonald doing it. If any tuned in when the audience was booing John Rocker, they may have thought they were booing Colin Quinn. That Jasper Hahn (Horatio Sanz) is crazy. I wonder if he's related to Jan Hooks' Jessica Hahn. Jimmy Fallon's songs were great. I really liked his version of the Blink-182 song. Even though this was the first time this season we heard Jimmy Fallon sing songs, it was worth the wait.
Rating: A, just for John Rocker booing, Jasper Hahn and Jimmy Fallon.

MUSICAL GUEST: Song was okay. Hard to rate.

SUPERMAN: Funny that everyone realized Clark Kent was Superman. That Molly Shannon has been dressing real nice lately, if you know what I mean?
Rating: B

THE GOOMBAHS: The Rock was funny when he was trying to talk like an Italian.
Rating: B+

NICOTREL: Funniest (and most violent sketch) of the night. The Rock gets to lay the smack on somebody. I don't care for Chris Parnell which made it much funnier when The Rock, and the other wrestlers when they showed up in the sketch, were beating him up.
Rating: A+

TODAY'S LADY: An okay sketch.
Rating: C

MUSICAL GUEST: I heard the song before but I didn't know it was AC/DC's. Good song though.
Rating: B-

COMMERCIAL PARODY: Again an old commercial? What's going on?
Since they showed two old commercial parodies I have to give it an F.

AFTERTHOUGHTS: Even though I am not a wrestler fan I thought it was a great show. It must have gotten huge ratings while MADTV must have taken it in the pants this week. SNL must have created some new fans this weekend. I was wondering, what happened to Darrell Hammond? I hope he didn't pull a Nora Dunn.
Also Tracy Morgan should be in more sketches. He's so funny. Take away Chris Parnell from some sketches and put Tracy Morgan and Darrell Hammond in his place. Also Molly Shannon should be in more sketches also because of what I said before but NOT as Mary Katherine Gallagher. Finally what ever happened with the Roxbury Guys? There hasn't been any of those sketches since the movie came out. I think that The Rock could have been a great third Roxbury guy if they did the sketch.

Anyways I'm looking forward to seeing Christopher Walken on April 8. It's about time we see someone who has hosted the show before considering it's SNL's 25th anniversary. There have been a bunch who just hosted for the first time but hardly any who have hosted before. I'm also waiting for John Goodman and Alec Baldwin to make their yearly visit. And when are any former cast members coming back to host? Only Norm MacDonald has this season. Considering they haven't come back to host yet, either Adam Sandler, Rob Schneider, Dennis Miller or Kevin Nealon should get the chance. Also Dana Carvey should back to host again considering he is trying to make a comeback. A couple of weeks ago he hosted the David Letterman show and he is going to come out with a new movie.

Anyways, thank you for reading this. Keep watching SNL.

Episode Review written by Avi Fichtenbaum

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