The Rock / AC/DC
March 18, 2000

*Well, this is my first-ever review. After visiting the site a few times, I decided to add my two cents in on what I thought about my favorite show, Saturday Night Live. Knowing that The Rock was going to be the host, I wasn't sure if the episode would be worth watching or not since I am not an avid WWF fan. Here's what I thought of the 3/18 episode*

-I wasn't excited at first when I saw all of the tough wrestling guys (I had no clue who any of them were). As time passed, however, I found them to be really funny. I guess they are just all-around entertainers.
-I loved when the big guy found Mango. I'm just hoping there's not going to be another Mango sketch tonight, though. Chris is so tiny compared to those guys.
-I also liked it when the big guy hid the chair behind his back. Hope The Rock is as funny as him.

-OMG.....The Rock is HOT! I didn't even expect him to be so good looking! This show can't be that bad....
-Does the whole broken legs thing mean that Tracy isn't going to be in the show again? He is such wasted talent. Maybe he'll get up and do more....
-I liked to see the wrestling buddies back again. They've got really good comic timing. I really don't care to see a fight onstage, though.
-Really solid beginning. I've got high hopes for this one.

-This was just sort of funny when it aired for the first time. Writers must have really hit a commercial dry spot.

-I'm so glad to see one of these again. I'll probably be sick of it when the movie comes out, though.
-I about died when Tim referred to himself as "The Most Prolific Wangsman of All Time."
-As soon as Leon said that he was in love, I immediately thought of The Rock in drag. What can I say....I saw it coming.
-All I can say is that Rock needs to stay all man. He looks so much better that way!
-Sort of draggy ending.
<HILARIOUS QUOTES> "Yeah, well, that is disgusting" "Well, you know, I'm a freak and a pervert"....LOL

-I haven't seen one of these in a long while. I always get a laugh out of them, though.
-Will Ferrell's wussy professor voice was hilarious.
-I couldn't help but notice that Chris Parnell takes a lot of gross crap. Whether food is being regurgitated into his mouth, or he is being spat on by two men, he always seems to take it.
-Seeing Rock in the Papa Peepers outfit was nice :-)
-Kattan's frightened reaction to his father was priceless. He is great with facial expression.
-Did anyone notice that Rock's monkey ear was coming off as they busted through the wall?
<HILARIOUS LINES> "What's the color of a stop sign?", "BLAH!!!", "Red, yes, very good"

-Will calling the Pope "JP the 2" had me rolling.
-The whole Charlie Sheen bit was stupid and took too long--they should have shown Parnell as Eli.
-Will's facial expression was great.
-Cheri's jitterness was soooo funny. Makes sense, since she is so little.
-I couldn't believe how well Rock could sing! I was glad to see the wrestling buddies back singing backup (they are so funny). Where's HHH?
-Great ending with the one guy barking at Cass after her calling them "Gentle Giants"
<HILARIOUS QUOTES> "You are a HORSE!"-Tom, "Yeah, you and Ted Bundy"-Cass, "I'd let you win 'cause I'd like to see my kids grow up"-Tom (referring to playing board games with Rock)

-The worst update in a while. Not much in the news to make fun of, though.
-I HATE Horatio's cartoonist character. Not only is it gross and unfunny, but it's just tasteless. NOT FUNNY!
-I was glad to hear Jimmy sing again. Songs weren't as good as some of his others, but the last one was really funny.

-Jimmy's hair looked so stupid.
-Sketch was pretty broing, but Rock in a suit saved it from sucking horribly.
<HILARIOUS QUOTES> "Let's go screw with him"-Lois Lane (Molly Shannon), "Yeah, you get Superman in a truck stop men's bathroom, and you won't need kryptonite to bring him to his knees"-Mr. White (Chris Parnell)

-Been waiting for SNL to make fun of The Sopranos for a while, now.
-I've never seen the show, but I loved when Rock said "Yo.....Vinnie"
<HILARIOUS QUOTES> "Whatsa matta wit you"-Rock and Ana

-Really funny concept.
-Liked how Nick moved in on Chris's wife while kicking his ass. She didn't have a problem with it either :-)
-Parnell's nervous smile and chuckle is firggin' hilarious.
-Wrestling buddies are back again. I liked Mick's body slam on Parnell.
<HILARIOUS QUOTES> "You don't talk to Nicotrel like that"-Rock

-At first, I was afraid this would just be the intertwining of The View and Pretty Living.
-"Gwyneth Paltrownian" thing was stupid (think it was supposed to be funny).
-Molly's lisp had me rolling.
-Loved hearing about the ladies' pastimes ("Thinking about my old boyfriends and crying", and "Witchcraft and that's about it")
-I can't blame the girls for wanting to lunge at The Rock. It simply shows that the women's movement has gone hardly anywhere.
<HILARIOUS QUOTES>"If you'd like to take a meeting....that is M-E-A-T-I-N-G"

-Sooooooo stupid. The only thing that Will Ferrel's been in that hasn't had me going nuts.

Episode Review written by Ashley

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