The Rock / AC/DC
March 18, 2000

Hello, everyone!!! How is everything?? I'm doing great! Finals are over,
parents are gone and I'm enjoying my little vacation! I'm actually not at
"home" right now...I am really on vacation, but I couldn't dessert SNL or
the anixous readers waiting to read my review (YEAH, RIGHT!!) and since I
really do have no life, I made sure I saw the show and got to a computer. So
with that in mind, enjoy reading and I will see everyone in two weeks (or is
it three...hmmm?) Have a good little "SNL Break" :)

Wrestler's Talk: I laughed when Lorne flubbed his line :) and when Chris
came on as Mango, but didn't enjoy the fact he didn't do anything or say
anything and there was no point in that! Like I figured he would show up
sometime later, but no, that was it...OK..whatever. Anyway, can I tell you
that I don't think I have ever seen a wrestling match, so the fact that they
had all those wrestler's on, it meant nothing to me, in fact, it was just
STUPID! I was bored. There was absolutely no comedy in this at all. D+

Monologue: Okay, those damn wrestler's again...good God! Tracy cracked me
up with his legs. And I did laugh at the "Rocky" chant. That was funny.
Otherwise it was just like the opening, STUPID! It must have been the worst
monologue in the history of monologues! UGH! D

Uncle Jemima's Liquor Commercial: Please refer to Alan Cumming's Episode
Review for this. I hate that they rerun this crap. Since I give it a D in
the first place, I have to drop the grade for reruning, making it a pure F.

The Ladies Man: I never liked this sketch in the first place, but I was
quite surprised tonight! I actually enjoyed it! I love Tim's lisp and about
lost it when The Rock (wish I knew his real name...) came out in a dress.
Tim's naive-ness was classic and was hysterical. I must say it had to be
one of the best Ladies Man...just the fact that I didn't turn it off when it
came on was a miracle! A-

Mr. Peepers: I love Kattan (of course!) He cracks me up! I'm glad they did
this and not another Mango (he was talking on Rosie this week about The Rock
wanting to do Mango). Anyway, I laughed out loud when The Rock came on as
Peeper's Dad..that was funny. I can't believe they were both "Humping"
Parnell, and did everyone catch The Rock's ear falling off toward the end of
the sketch?? It was great! A+

Morning Latte: This was AWFUL!! I hate this sketch! And unlike the Ladies
Man, it plunged me more into the depths of hatred for this sketch in
general. The jokes were lame and if Cheri repeats herself one more time I
will scream bloody murder! What the hell was up with the wrestler's singing
and dancing?? It looked like SNL had lost all control for some reason. It
looked like a big mess and that Lorne was trying to include everyone for
whatever reason! It was awful. I mean, it was funny they were singing but
the concept was all wrong and it was just in a stupid place. Something like
that would be good for the monologue! Anyway, I just thought it was out of
place, hence why I felt it was out of control! D-

Weekend Update: Colin- Jokes this week were lame, but you gotta love the
comments (you all know I do!) I love Colin! (don't you wish you had a dollar
everytime I have said that since September!LOL) I liked the DNA joke, the
Tiger/Arm joke, and the OJ joke..that was about it. C Jasper- Horatio
looked a little more strung out this time, not like sweet and innocent like
last time. I cracked up at the drawings again though. They were sick and
tasteless...flippin' hilarious! "Cock-eyes" GOOD GOD! :) A Jimmy's
Songs(Spring Break Carols)- YAY!! OMG!! I'm so happy they finally let Jimmy
do his songs again! It has been way too long since the last ones (the Star
War Carols). These were great! He used songs that I totally enjoy! I
laughed so hard I hurt. He's a cutie..gotta love him! A+ Overall- Horatio
and Jimmy made this WU. Colin didn't have a very solid update, but with
Jasper and the carols it worked! Thanks, H and J! B

Musical Guest/ AC/DC: Fast Forward (there's more in the second
song..hehehe) N/A

Superman Disguise: Okay, where the hell did this one come from?? HELLO!! A
little behind the damn times, eh?? The potty jokes were just low (hmm..Jimmy
and Parnell!) I can't really say that much more about this sketch since
there was NOTHING to it! It was just boring and stupid..stupid! D-

The Goombahs: I didn't see all of this sketch since my TV cut off! I was
mad...so hopefully I didn't miss much between this and the next sketch I'm
reviewing. If I did...deal with it :) LOL Anwyay, from what I saw of this
sketch, it looked pretty funny so even though I can't judge the whole thing
I will judge what I saw and say B (with hopes I will see the whole sketch on
a rerun!)

Today's Lady: I laughed at the names, at Molly's laugh and her comment
about "fat jeans". The rest I wanted to just change the channel. It just
wasn't all that funny. I saw the potiental there to be funny, but it didn't
go that extra step (they were running out of air time at this point, hence
they COULDN'T have made it funny since the show was almost over) Not much to
smile at! C-

Musical Guest/ AC/DC: I laughed through this whole song because 1- it
reminded me of high school, and 2- they are so old and so damn ugly it's
frightening and hysterical at the same time! And I find myself wondering why
SNL let a group virtal out of the music loop to be the guest??
AC/DC...Christina?? HMMM.... N/A

Horse Glue Commercial: OMG, another damn repeat!!?? What the hell is wrong
with them! For full review please turn to the Freddie Prinze, Jr episode
review. I gave it a B, but got to deduct those grades during a repeat! D

Overall: Well, since the last ten minutes of the night weren't involved
techinally with a live sketch I dub the "Today's Lady" the 10-minute curse
sketch. It was a little below average show. Much better than last week's
though (which is just strange, but whatever, last week's was HORRIBLE!!)
They had some funny things going on tonight. The wrestler's just needed to
go! Kattan's Peepers and Jimmy's Carols made my night, if not for them I
have a feeling the show would have been lost! It seemed like it started off
bad and slowly got good, but never reached that goal...anyway, it's usually
the opposite with SNL...good to bad, not bad to good. It was little change,
but it still ended with bad results, not a good show! I'm actually looking
forward to the next live show. Christopher Walken, cool actor, scary dude,
but gotta love him, and Christina..all I have to say is that she better sing
"Geanie in a Bottle" (and I know JV agrees with me!) Anyway, that was my
little opinion on the next show..so coming back to right now...(sorry,
suddenly I'm seeing double I'm so tired!) this was way better than last
week's but far from one of the best episodes of the season! I did not come
away feeling hatred like last time (thank God!) And with all my babbling in
mind... C-

Okay, folks! That's my review and I'm stickin' to it!!!!!!

Episode Review written by Allison Lowe

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