Christina Ricci / Beck
December 4, 1999

Hello everyone,
How's it going? I hope you all had a good
Anyone done with their Christmas shopping? I am. I
wanted to get it out of the way. I tried not to, but I
probably spent more than I should have. I had fun
fighting the crowds...finding a parking spot (quite
often having to park way out yonder), jumping over
those mammoth baby strollers that people
'conveniently' park horizontally in the entrances of
stores, trying to decide what to buy, and finally when
I am done, saying to myself 'Where the crap did I
Well, on to the show review.

PRE-SHOW THOUGHTS: Basically, the only two movies I
have seen Christina Ricci in are the two 'Addams
Family Values' movies. I thought she was great in
them, and I think this show will be worth watching.

OPENING SKETCH (Clinton discussing the Republican
debate): I have always thought Darrell has done the
best impression of Bill Clinton. And this sketch
proves it further. I think I speak for the rest of the
country when I mention the debates. Besides George W.
Bush, who the heck are these other guys? (I do agree,
one of the other candidates does look like a
ventriloquist, Howdy Doody comes to mind). And I found
the slow Southerner joke funny, too. GRADE: A.

MONOLOGUE: I thought Christina would have made a
reference to a movie she was in. But instead she does
a twin stand-in bit...Half of it was bearable (I did
like Rachel's 'Petina') the other wasn't. GRADE: B-.

SKETCH (Cheerleaders): Finally, a real Cheerleaders
sketch. Not a five second one (I am referring to the
Garth Brooks episode, of course), a full blown one.
And who could can show more holiday spirit than Craig
and Ariana? You have to feel sorry for them. Nobody
respects them. They call them losers, and in Craig's
case, flag without the L. I have never dissed Craig
and Ariana, and I don't think I ever will. I also
loved Jimmy's band member/Ariana's crush (darn...I
forgot his name). Christina's flag corps (oops...color
guard) girl..not too bad. GRADE: A.

SKETCH (And so this is Chanukkah??): Of course, last
Saturday was the start of Chaunkkah...And naturally,
the writers had to do something. Of all the SNL
Chanukkah-related sketches (the other three I can
think of are Hanukkah Harry from ten years ago, Adam
Sandler's Hanukkah song, and last year's Hanukkah
carols album), I liked this one the best. The writers
took a stab at making fun of those dumb music specials
on one of the other networks. My favorite parts of the
sketch were Christina's Brittany Spears, Cheri's
Mariah Carey, Jimmy's David Bowie (my favorite
line...'Why am I singing with Bing Crosby...This is
messed up?)...hey I liked them all. GRADE: A+.

SKETCH (Who Wants to Eat?): I didn't think there would
be another Who Wants To Be A Millionaire related
anything (the sketch from the Dylan McDermott episode,
and the real winner from the Jennifer Aniston
episode)...I didn't know what to think or where to
laugh (beside at Darrell's Regis Philbin impression,
of course), but I didn't totally despise this sketch.

SKETCH (Taxicab Confessions): I haven't really seen
the actual 'Taxicab Confessions' (well, because I
don't have HBO) but I liked this sketch anyway. I
really liked Tim's eagerness to hear ALL the details
of the stripper's 'activities', especially his facial
expressions, when he was actually looking to see where
he was driving. GRADE: B+.

CARTOON(Fun with Real Audio): I have liked half of the
Fun With Real Audio cartoons, and have loathed the
others. I would put this cartoon near the bottom. I
found it stupid. I wish I hadn't seen this one, it
would have been a perfect time for me to get a snack,
instead of waiting for the commercial. GRADE: D-.

WEEKEND UPDATE: OK...I have been harsh on Colin the
past couple of episodes. But I loved this week.
Favorite joke of the week on WU, connecting Bill Gates
to the riots in Seattle...I loved Will's impression of
the guy who claims his tone of voice is always loud
due to a condition known as...I forgot, but who cares?
I couldn't stop laughing. GRADE: A/A-.


SKETCH (Goth Talk Say Goodbye to Azrael Abyss...they
will once he stays 'dead'): Another Goth Talk sketch
(I was eagerly awaiting this one since they were
showing a part of it during commercials during the 10
o'clock news right before 'SNL')...Azrael is one of my
favorite Chris Kattan characters next to Mango. I love
the hair and the voice. I was laughing throughout the
entire sketch...especially when they 'accidentally'
showed the clip of Todd/Azreal receiving a Mickey
Mouse phone for X-mas. GRADE: A.

SKETCH (Sally...Save Me From My Wild Teen): When has
(the real) Sally NOT done an episode about wild teens?
Ok maybe once a month...I liked Christina's impression
of the 'wild' teen, and Tracy's impression of the
sargent (that's always there to 'scare' those teens to
straightening up). GRADE: A-.


TRIBUTE: The only Madeline Kahn-hosted episode I saw
was the most recent one from late '95. That one was
pretty good. Even though the writers/producers didn't
have enough time to come up with a long sketch (given
that she passed away the day before), I thought this
one was fitting. GRADE: A.

Episode Review written by Valerie Carmody

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