Christina Ricci / Beck
December 4, 1999

Oy.. a tiring week. I finish my musical finally, I witness one of the
scariest things I've ever witnessed when one of my friends has a seizure
(he's all right), I injure myself during a certain sketch on this show
(you'll find out which one) and a great actress in Madeline Kahn passes on.
Which brings me to my rant of the week.

Does anyone remember a band called Bush? They haven't had a single in about
ten years (exaggeration). Well, they've appeared on SNL twice, on shows
hosted by Madeline Khan and Phil Hartman--two actors who have met untimely
deaths. I'm starting to think there is some kind of "Curse of Bush," and
some people at the newsgroup who have already responded to my theory back me
up. I'd like to lobby to make this an official SNL theory, and if it
happens, I'd like to apply for the patent. (Might be a cool way to leave my
mark on the show) Who's with me?

Overview - I've always liked Christina Ricci. Great actress. I sort of
used to have a crush on her. (You heard me!) I like Beck, too.

Presidential Crisis - Lots of cool jokes. B-

Monologue - This was so "Olsen twins" it wasn't even funny. That's just an
expression. I sort of liked it. B-

Spartans - I thought they were dead. I was happy to see them back. I was
unhappy with the result of their revival. It had too little cheering, too
much "Ricki Lake." D-

And so this is Chanukkah - Another excuse to show of their impressions of
musicians. I cracked up when Bowie suddenly sang "Why am I singing with
Bing Crosby?" B+

Who Wants to Eat? - One all of the sketches I've reviewed, this was the
hardest to grade. It was funny, but very tasteless. I decided to give the
humour a B, then I pushed the grade to a C- to compensate for my repulsion.
So.. C-

Taxicab Confessions - NOTHING like the thing Farley and Sandler did way back
when. This, in fact, was bad. A few laughs with the car swerving out of
control. C-

Real Audio - Never would have expected this. Mildly amusing to see the
animated Friends gang get attacked by demons. Wouldn't wish that on the
real Friends, though. B-

Weekend Update - Remember when I was talking about injuring myself? It
happened during Update. The image of "Gainesachu" caused me to fall out of
my computer chair and hit my head on the floor. At the time, I didn't care,
cause I was still laughing. But now that the laughter has subsided, it
hurts! Will's spokesman for the Seattle thing.. short and uneventful. A

Beck - Very un-Beck-like. It kinda had a Mr. Roboto quality to it. I liked
it anyway. A

Goth Talk - I was wondering about this, cuz I read an article recently
saying Christina hates being referred to as Goth. This was not a bad Goth
Talk, considering how bad it could have been. C+

Save Me From My Wild Teen - I have to admit, I watch Sally when I'm on
holidays (you heard me!) and this is SO TRUE! They got everything down
perfectly! A+!

Beck - Another lively song. Beck must be turning it up a notch. A-

Madeline Kahn clip - This was a nice gesture. I don't remember SNL paying
tribute to a fallen host in a while, so it was cool seeing this. Madeline,
you will be missed. A

Overall - Despite some rockiness, the overall effort came out good. Much
better than I expected. B+

Until next week, this is Jordan Davidson saying, "Where's my mom with that
Aspirin already?"

Episode Review written by Jordan Davidson

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