Christina Ricci / Beck
December 4, 1999


I love Christina Ricci and Beck, and I knew this was one episode I would not be missing!

(OPENING) Clinton adresses the Nation of Presidential

It was alot better then usually openings, but the President Opening Sketch is getting rather old. I think SNL needs a new opening idea.

Grade: C-

(MONOLOUGE)Christina Ricci

OK...I had a lot of mixed reactions with this. I absolutly loved the scene from the movie that they showed. I thought it was very funny. But I did not like when Bitina started with the whole "twin speak". Great idea.

Grade: B

(SKETCH) The Spartan Cheerleaders at a Parade

Im not really a fan of any reaccuring characters on SNL, but this sketch was alright. Jimmy Fallon was really funny in this sketch which completed it.

Grade: C+

(SKETCH) And so this is Chanukah

I love SNL impersonations! Molly Shannon's impersonation of Tori Amos was terrible...being a fan of Tori, I hated it. Christina Ricci's impersonation of Britney Spears was rather funny...I loved the way they had her accent and the way she said "Chanukah".

(SKETCH) Who wants to eat

Egh...Christina Ricci was great in the sketch...but it just was funny.

Grade: D

(SKETCH) Taxi Cab Confessions

::yawn:: Wow...I can't believe how long this sketch was! It was pretty bad to.

Grade: D-

(WEEKEND UPDATE) with Colin Quinn

I really dont like Colin Quinn...nothing much really to say about this Weekend Update though...

Grade: D


THANK YOU SNL! Finally a great musical guest! I love Beck he's extremely talented and Ive been a fan his since "Mellow Gold".

Grade: A+

(SKETCH) Goth Talk

I never liked this sketch...I say, "Drop it".

Grade: F

(SKETCH) Sally Jesse Raphael

Ack! Disturbing!

Grade: D


Great Great Great!

Grade: A+


Well many flaws, the guest and musical guest were both great. The sketches were fine, only a few that I will remember for a while. It was one of the best of the seasons though.

Grade: B-

Episode Review written by Jonathan

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