Christina Ricci / Beck
December 4, 1999

Pre Thoughts-First new show after a week off. Hopefully it'll be a good one,
though I did see Christina Ricci on one of those VH1 shows and she just kind
of stared off. But, I think she'll be a good host. We'll see.

[COLD OPENING-A Message from the President]

Pretty good sketch. A lot of drug jokes. Darrell Hammond's impression is
always good. I liked the Republican Debate footage they put in.

Rating: A

[MONOLOGUE-Christina Ricci]

Very funny and a good idea. I suppose Rachael kinda looks like her. The
Ricci Twins Mystery was funny. I liked how Petina couldn't act.

Rating: A

[SKETCH-Spartan Cheerleaders]

Wow! They most have heard my cries from my Jennifer Aniston review, cause
Craig and Ariana are back! The first cheerleader sketch in over a year and I
think it was pretty good. Craig and Ariana got made fun of lot as usual.
Jimmy Fallon's character was good. I thought it was cool how the camera
panned over to this sketch.

Rating: A-

[SKETCH-And so this is Chanukah]

Excellent. The impressions were great, especially Ricky Martin and Britney

Rating: A-

[SKETCH-Who wants to Eat?]

Funny, I think this was better then their first parody on the Dylan
McDermott episode.

Rating: A-

[SKETCH-Taxi Cab Confessions]

Very dirty. It was good, but you could see the lights outside the car
flashing when they switched angles. Tim Meadows was funny.

Rating: B

[CARTOON-Fun w/ Real Audio]

It was ok. I liked how it made fun of 'Friends'.

Rating: B-


The jokes were pretty good, and I liked Will Ferrell's part. I HAVE A DIEASE

Rating: A-


Look at that man dance!

[SKETCH-Goth Talk]

What can I say? Spartan Cheerleaders AND Goth Talk back in one show? This
was a pretty good sketch, but it seemed like it was missing something.
Perhaps Jim Breuer

Rating: B+

[SKETCH-Sally Jesse Raphael]

Ehh pretty good. Tracy Morgan was funny.

Rating: B


Same as before.

Post thoughts-Good show. Started out strong and got a little weak towards
the end. The tribute to Madeline Kahn was very nice. The best sketches were
'And so this is Chanukah' and Spartan Cheerleaders (manly cause I like
them.) Next week's show looks really great. See ya next week!

Episode Review written by Art Vandelay

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