Christina Ricci / Beck
December 4, 1999

(OPENING) Clinton adresses the Nation of Presidential

I was actually laughing, which isn't too common with
the cold open. Darrell was dead-on with his Clinton
impression once again.

Grade: B

(MONOLOUGE)Christina Ricci

I didn't get the point of her having a twin, couldn't
they have come up with something better? Oh well, I
guess it was okay. Rachel Dratch has been doing well
for her first season.

Grade: C-

(SKETCH) The Spartan Cheerleaders at a Parade

I wasn't expecting them to ever do the cheerleaders
again! I loved it! Jimmy Fallon wouldn't exactly be my
choice as Ariana's boyfriend, but he did do a great
job. "Johnny not till the Millenium....But Pinto needs
a little A cup now." I was cracking up!

Grade: A-

(SKETCH) And so this is Chanukah

It was so hilarious! Tracy Morgan is really starting
to shine this season, he did a great Lou Bega
impression. Molly Shannon as Tori Amos was rather
sickening. Christina Ricci as Britney Spears was
alright, Cheri's Mariah Carey always gets a laugh, and
Ana's Celine Dion......what can say, it's always good.
I must say that Chris Kattan looked really good when
he was playing Ricky Martin though.

Grade: B+

(SKETCH) Who wants to eat

I actually liked this sketch. It had some good
points, and great timing. The only thing is, how many
times has SNL michined Sally Struthers and starvation?

Grade: C

(SKETCH) Taxi Cab Confessions

Tim Meadows made some very interesting faces which
made the whole thing funny, but it dragged on for way
too long.

Grade: C-

(WEEKEND UPDATE) with Colin Quinn

Well Colin, you finally had me laughing. The jokes
were well thought up, and Colin is just now starting
to grow on me. Will Ferrell did a good job too.

Grade: B


I love Beck! He's really talented, and gave a great
performance. Something strange though, he reminds me
of David Spade.

Grade: A-

(SKETCH) Goth Talk

Two recurring sketches that I never thought i'd see
again in one night, this is great! Chris Kattan in the
home video reminded of my brother when he was 10, and
strangely enough...his name is Todd. Will Ferrell once
again hilarious. It was done very well, but I kinda
miss Jim Bruer's character, Glenn.

Grade: B

(SKETCH) Sally Jesse Raphael

In a word....NO. It was absolutley disgusting!

Grade: F


Same as above

(SKETCH) SNL tribute to Madeline Kahn

I am so happy that they did this, I wasn't expecting
them to. Madeline has always been one of my favorite
actresses, along with Gildab Radner, and they both die
of the same illness. It was horable thing to have

Grade: I don't know if this should be graded, but A+

OVERALL: This may be the best of the season so far.
Some of the good sketches were the cheerleaders, "and
so this is chanukah", and goth talk. SNL is getting
better, I hope they keep it up.

Grade: B-

Episode Review written by Amy Barber

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