Christina Ricci / Beck
December 4, 1999

Hello everyone! My episode review is a little late due to the fact that I
wasn't sure if Sean was posting them anymore, and that I have had a choatic
week and I wasn't all into SNL this Saturday! I know, the world must be
coming to an end when I can not enjoy SNL. Anyway, despite my problems, I
will get on with the review!

Clinton Address: I thought this was awful. I kept wanting Darrell to shut
up! I can not believe how long it ran and it just ran and ran! I knew at
this point the show was in trouble, because I love Darrell and his Clinton!

Monologue: This was pretty lame! What was up with it? I thought Rachel was a
good "double" but it was not played off very well. I was not laughing and
was kinda disappointed that she did not mention "Sleepy Hollow" at all. D

Spartan Cheerleaders: I loved this sketch! It's about time they brought
Craig and Ariana back! Jimmy looked so funny in his band uniform! What's up
with Jimmy getting all the make out action on the show? LOL It was a great
sketch. I love Cheri's "Oh, Double Diss". Christina was cool too. It was so
funny. A

And So This is Chanukah: This was a great sketch! And I loved it even more
because I totally hate almost all of the singers they were parodying! Jimmy
was flippin' hilarious and so was Molly as Tori Amos. I about died when
Kattan played Ricky! I was totally shocked! I did seriously laugh! A+

Who Wants To Eat: Okay, I HATED this sketch. First of all it was way too
long. Second of all I have already heard this joke before. Here in Chicago
we have this fake newspaper called "The Onion" and there was this huge
article in it (I read it at work..yes, my job is that productive) about the
game show in Russia called "Who Wants to Eat" So my theory..either Tim or
Horatio (both from Chicago) saw this article in the paper and STOLE the
idea. So just the fact that this was old news to me I was completely bored
and totally unthrilled with the fact that they did yet ANOTHER Millionaire
sketch! F

Taxi Cab Confessions: This sketch is about two years too late! Just like
most sketches they have had on lately! Wasn't the Taxi Cab Confessions show
on HBO really popular way back? I thought it lacked an comic effect. Just
for the fact that they had to use Christina Ricci talking about sex for a
laugh is a low blow. Whatever. Tim's facial expressions and stuff were quite
funny and when he ran over that thing in the road, but not enough to fill
the comic void in the sketch. D-

Cartoon (Fun with Real Audio): I loathe these cartoons. I seriously thought
they were done forever. Why am I being lied to? LOL I hated this with a
passion. I think they are all dumb, rude and crass. F

Weekend Update: Colin had a great update. There were some solid jokes in
this update and I do love when he cracks on the audience and on himself when
a joke bombs. B- Seattle Update: Okay, this was AWFUL! OMG! I was about to
tear my hair out at Will! Will can do so much better than this crap. It was
horrible! F Overall: With Colin and Will, the update gets at C+

Musical Guest(Beck): Get on with it! Fast Forward! (I'm not muting this time
because it was actually taped! I have a very eventful night..WHATEVER!..and
missed the show) N/A

Goth Talk: YAY! I really disappointed that they did not have one on
Halloween, but then you have to look at who hosted that night and see that
that was NOT going to happen. I love Azarel! The whole sketch cracked me up,
when Chris refused to be "dead" and Will coming in with a cape over his
Cinnabuns uniform. Christina didn't do much for the sketch. It would have
been the same without her. The Mickey Mouse Phone Xmas was so HILARIOUS! I
loved it! I must say the best sketch of the night! A++

Sally Jesse Raphel: Okay, can some tell me the point of this? Here's
another sketch that is totally out of the time period! Granted that SJR is
still on the air, but REALLY! Oh, it was awful! It was like pulling teeth
for me to watch it, so my trusty remote came in handy. Fast Forward Baby!
And since they had the tribute to Madeline Kahn, this was the last sketch of
the night..hence it did suffer "The 10-Minute Curse" Get with the program

Musical Guest(Beck): Again? Good God. Fast Foward! N/A

Tribute to Madeline Kahn: I must admit that I did not watch this. Like I
said earlier I had a bad week and a horrible night, so I was antsy the whole
time watching SNL. So I just fast forward through it, but I must admit that
it was a great gesture on SNL's part. A

Overall: This was an awful episode. I was very disappointed in it! Since
of my horrid night I was coming home thinking it was going to cheer me up,
and it only made me more depressed. I have to wonder about what the hell the
writers are thinking. I think the SNL cast should just take over and not
listen to them anymore! Loren WAKE UP! The show is BAD BAD BAD! Anyway, I'm
looking forward to next week. I love Danny DeVito and I'm kinda glad it is
him and not Jim Carrey, they need a little more variety on the show. Okay,
so anyway, not the greatest episode. D+

That's my review and I'm stickin' to it!
See ya next week!

Episode Review written by Allison Lowe

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