Freddie Prinze Jr. / Macy Gray
January 15, 2000

Hey everyone! W'sup? Not a whole lot here...

Well, on to the review,

PRE-SHOW THOUGHTS: I have been looking forward to this
show for the entire week...I am a Freddie Prinze Jr.
fan. I loved him in 'She's All That' (by the way, if
anyone can tell me where to find the soundtrack to
that movie--I've checked everywhere: Tower Records,
the music sections at Borders and Barnes & Noble, even
online-- e-mail me.I will be very grateful) and am
looking forward to 'Down To You'. He's a pretty darn
good actor, and I think he will fare well doing live
television. (He said on 'Conan' that he was looking
forward to hosting very much; he has the comedy in
him, comes from his late father).

OPENING SKETCH (Ilian Gonzales speaks): As everyone
knows, there is all this protest over where the little
boy should go. What does he think? I think Chris
Kattan did a good job playing the little kid (who else
would be able to use a little kid voice besides him?).
I kinda thought the subject matter would not have been
toiled with, but the writers did a semi-likeable job.

MONOLOGUE: Well, duh, of course everyone has the flu!
Did anyone listen to Don Pardo's voice during the
opening montage? At first I thought Don was sick and
Darrell was mimicking his voice again and would try to
woo Freddie (similar to the James VanDerBeek episode
from last year). The monologue was pretty decent. I
thought Tim as 'Ladies Man' drinking Pedialyte was
funny, but Will puking could have been left out.

COMMERCIAL (Colonel Belmont's Horse Glue): What was
the point of this commercial? Carcasses of horses used
to fix refrigerator magnets? Nasty! GRADE: C-.

SKETCH (Who Doesn't Want to be a Millionaire?): A
pretty decent sketch...I liked Darrell's 'Regis
Philbin' and Will as the IDIOT contestant. But I am
glad it ended when it did. I don't know how else to
put it, but if the sketch went on any longer, I
wouldn't be laughing. GRADE: B+/A-.

SKETCH(Boy Band Blowout 2000): Another comparison to a
moment from the James VanDerBeek episode...Freddie is
young (he's 23, almost 24, I believe) and considered a
teen idol. So why not put him in a mock-Backstreet
Boys/'NSync group? I found this sketch to be
hilarious. And the guys didn't do that bad of a job of
singing. GRADE: A-.

COMMERCIAL (Monica speaks for Jenny Craig): I found
this sketch to be so-so. But I thought we were done
talking about Monica? Enough! I did like how they
spoofed the so-called meals (two pieces of fruit and a
lettuce leaf..dig in!). GRADE: B.

SKETCH (Models): It's true...not all models are
good-looking. The two girls that Freddie and Jimmy
were being set up with were kinda skanky. Being Guys,
the only thing the two men can think about are getting
it on with their dates later in the evening. My
favorite part of the sketch was Rachel and Cheri's
obnoxiousness...the glamor of being Dr. Scholl's Corn
Remover and Rembrandt's (Before-Whitening) toothpaste
models can be stressful (ha-ha). GRADE: A-.

COMMERCIAL-I guess you could call it one (The
Sopranos): I don't have HBO but I have heard of this
series and how all the critics are raving about it.
The first half of this I was like 'OK...and what you
are trying to say is...???' but eventually I was
chuckling. Chris P. did a great voicover job. My
favorite part was the 'Ohhh.ohh..Sopranos!'. GRADE: B.

SKETCH (Doctors office): I hated this sketch! It was
pointless; and aren't the sketches supposed to have
the host ACTUALLY in it??? And I know there are
moments where you can't help from laughing...but
smiling REALLY BIG during a not-so-laughable topic is
not a good idea.GRADE: D.

SKETCH (Charlie Rose): This was one of the best
sketches I have seen out of the past few years! I
liked Darrell as 'Charlie Rose' (I am not familiar
with the real guy, since I haven't watched PBS since I
was in preschool) but my favorite part, or parts,
really were Chris K. and Freddie as Enrique Iglesias
and Ricky Martin. There were Chris's spazzy facial
contortions, and him breaking out into song for no
good reason. But I really liked Freddie (as Enrique)
spraying himself with water. His singing was not that
bad (I read in a transcript of an interview he did
that he said he was the worst singer in the world) but
I liked the fake mole and best of all, him punching
out Chris (to shut him up). GRADE: A+.

WEEKEND UPDATE: This was not the best, but not the
worst of all weekend updates. The jokes were OK...but
I wasn't fond of Cheri's take on the Catherine
ZetaJones/Micheal Douglas relationship by pretending
to date a four-year old. Kinda boring actually. GRADE:

MUSICAL GUEST: No grade--but one thing, I have never
heard of her!

SKETCH(Life at the Gifford home): Who here is sick and
tired of Kathie Lee Gifford? Man, that's a lot of
hands...Kathie Lee being a wacko mom who romances the
piano tutor by sticking her hand down his shirt...how
much more funny can you get? Other than Darrell's
Frank Gifford being so-so, I found this sketch pretty
amusing. GRADE: B+/A-.


SKETCH (Flacko and Teddy's World of Martin Luther King
Day Trees): The 10-minute curse? Doesn't apply
here...Unlike the last sketch from last week, I found
this sketch to be decent. I liked Tracy as 'Teddy'
(line: 'And leave your door unlock at night'-I was
close in terms of the exact words) but I liked
Freddie's 'Flacko' better. GRADE: A-.

So there you have it, overall the show was great.
OK..so maybe I am partial since I am a such a big
Freddie fan. But I couldn't resist.

Til next time amigos!....

Episode Review written by Valerie Carmody

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