Freddie Prinze Jr. / Macy Gray
January 15, 2000

Opening: Elian Gonzalez
Alright, considering that I live in Miami, this was hilarious especially with Horatio Sanz and the shark infested waters. Chris Kattan was awesome. GRADE: A+

Opening Monolgue: I love Freddie Prinze, Jr. And the whole flu epidemic idea was original. Will Ferrell, awesome as always. A nice appearance by Tracy Morgan. Kinda nasty with the puke though. Coulda lived without that. GRADE A

Horse Glue: Blecch. ADL hated the Christina Ricci act. I'm sure PETA will love this. GRADE: C

Boy Band Blowout: 7 Degrees Celcius is infinity times better with Freddie then James Van Der Beek. AOL was hilarious. Jimmy has got some rhythm unlike the others. My mom even liked this, and she can never find the point to SNL to begin with. Freddie, Freddie, Freddie, why are you so cute?! GRADE: A+++

Jenny Craig commercial: Don't drudge up the past. Molly Shannon was bought back way too quickly. GRADE: D

Ford Models: Jimmy and Freddie! Perfect match!!!! Cheri and Rachel are really funny together. Sex is all men think about. Nu? GRADE: A+

The Sopranos: That show sucks monstrous ****. GRADE: F

Doctors Office: Wow, this is like the first time Will Ferrell has really cracked on SNL. Molly is just weird. Chris Parnell was hilarious. Varndroup? What is that? GRADE: B

Charlie Rose Show: HAHAHA.....this was great. Hot......Spanish........Loooove. And what's really funny was that American Music Awards were on and Enrique Iglesias was performing. The resemblence between him and Freddie is uncanny!!!! The punch was great. GRADE: A+

Weekend Update: Is Colin going down hill or is it just me? The High Chairy Oteri was stupidity. GRADE: D

Macy Gray: I Try. I like this song. GRADE: B

The Giffords: Darrell Hammond, poignant as always. GRADE: A

Macy Gray: Good once again. GRADE: B

Flacko and Teddy's Martin Luther King Trees: I like this one. Freddie looks like he just walked out of Bill and Ted's excellent adventure. Scary.....GRADE B

Overall: This episode goes down now as my favorite of the season. NICE JOB FREDDIE!!!!!! GRADE: A+

Episode Review written by Shayna Udell

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