Freddie Prinze Jr. / Macy Gray
January 15, 2000

NBC Special: Chris Parnell does a very good Brokaw. Chris Kattan's rude,
foul-mouthed Elian Gonzalez was not very good. The insults were immature
and aimed towards the audience members with low IQ's. Grade:

Monologue: I must give Don Pardo a lot of credit for doing his job
despite a weakened voice probably due to the flu bug. The monologue was
OK. Tracy Morgan and Molly Shannon did well along with Will Ferrell's

Grade: B-

Commercial: I really liked the horse glue commercial although many
animal activists will be offended. Even better, because maybe they'll
follow in the footsteps of the Anti-Defamation League by whining like
babies over something they didn't 100% agree with just as the League
whined over the "And So This Is Hannukah" sketch, which by the way, was
hilarious. Grade: A-

Millionaire: Darrell Hammond does a dead-on Regis Philbin. Ferrell's
redneck contestant was good too. I thought the Mustang came out in 1964
before the VW Bug but I could be
wrong. Grade: B

Boy Band: 7 Degrees Celsius rules! The sketch was so accurate about how
ridiculous boy bands are becoming and the way immature, high-strung
girls act. It brought back memories of the New Kids on the Block parody
on SNL several years ago when Jason Priestley
hosted. Grade: A+

Lewinsky: Molly Shannon always does a great Monica but the numerous
fallaic references were predictable and
overdone. Grade: C

Models: The sketch did not have much of a pulse to it. A guest spot by
Angie Everhart helped
though. Grade: C

Sopranos: I loved it! The comments were really funny and the sketch was
ingenius in it's
Grade: A+

Hospital: Having the model reappear was a good touch. The sketch was
uneventful until Molly Shannon started laughing and Ferrell and Parnell
had to ad-lib. The whole sketch then picked
up. Grade: B-

Charlie Rose: Prinze Jr., Hammond, and Kattan all did very good
impressions. I especially liked Kattan's Ricky Martin and the fact that
he didn't give real answers, only contorting his face instead. Prinze
did not have to sing to enhance his Enrique Iglesias charcater,
though. Grade: B+

Update: Good Puff Daddy and J&J/New York Jets jokes. The idea of Cheri
Oteri dating a little boy was more disgusting than funny in this case.
Despite some good reports, Update did not come within 100 miles of the
breakthrough Update last week
Grade: C+

Macy Gray: Before this performance, I didn't like Macy Gray that much
because her music video didn't do her talent any justice. She is
actually a very talented, great live performer who as of this show is
now my pick to win the Best New Artist Grammy this year. Everything was
great. Grade: A+

Giffords: I liked Hammond's Frank Gifford and Oteri I think managed to
give an insight to the possible real Kathie
Lee. Grade: B

Macy Gray II: This song showcased more of her lyrical talents and a very
soulful sound reminiscent of Gladys
Knight. Grade: A+

MLK Day: A little silly, but not that great.
Grade: C-

Overall: The show obviously gave out a sense that many people either had
the flu or were not in 100% health. So, the fact that the show had three
good sketches (horse glue, Boy Band, and Sopranos) along with no
terrible ones is even more amazing. I am now a Macy Gray fan because of
her extraordinary performance and she deserves to win the two Grammys
that she was nominated for. Freddie Prinze Jr. is very talented and he
will go far. Tim Meadows' well-wishes to David Letterman was a super
gesture and I want every person who has ever loved late night talk shows
to root and pray for David's quick recovery and return to The Late Show.

Grade: B+

Episode Review written by Reed Burton

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