Freddie Prinze Jr. / Macy Gray
January 15, 2000

BLINK-182...I've been waiting for this one for weeks now!! Blink is gonna be awesome!!

[OPENING] Bill and Hillary Clinton Say Good-bye: Pretty funny. I liked the part where he was like let's say good-bye properly and she goes to hug him and he puts out his hand. GRADE: B -

[MONOLOGUE] Jamie Foxx: The part about Cameron Diaz sneaking a peek was funny but the rest wasn't really that great. It was original, I'll give it that. GRADE: C

[COMMERCIAL] Hamburger Helper Antibacterial. This was funny! People are soo over obsessed with bacteria and stuff. GRADE: B

[SKETCH] Jennifer Lopez and Puff Daddy Go To A Counselor: This was hysterical! Cheri plays a great Lopez! And all the guns going off, "It wasn't me!" GRADE: A -

[SKETCH] Nick Burns, Your Company's Computer Guy: This is great! I love this character and I'm glad to see it start to become a reoccurring character. GRADE: A

[MISCELLANEOUS] Tracy and Jamie Talk: The best part was when Tracy says to Lorne, "Get me a soda bitch!" GRADE: B +

[WEEKEND UPDATE] With Colin Quinn: What can I say, Colin strikes out again. At least he tries though. GRADE: D

[MUSICAL GUEST] BLINK-182!!!!! My all time favorite band! It's sooo cool that they're finally getting some recognition after 8 years! They were awesome! They totally punkified "All the Small Things". They're such jokesters too!! GRADE: A ++++++

[SKETCH] Amateur Night at the Apollo: Slightly boring but when Jamie came on it was pretty funny. Also the TLC thing was funny too. GRADE: C -

[SKETCH] Office Talks About Being Racist: This has to be by far the stupidest sketch of the night. SNL always starts strong and ends kind of crappy. GRADE: F

[MUSICAL GUEST] BLINK-182!!!! This was awesome!! I love the words Mark changed around..."And then I turned on NBC"..."What's my age again? Where's my Asian friend?...And of course Tom at the end..."What is it??" and Mark replying..."Tweentyy-seeveeen!!" GRADE: A ++++++

[SKETCH] Martin Luther King Speaks of His Dream, Literally: Boring and stupid. GRADE: F

OVER ALL: Not bad until the end. Blink totally made the show for me!! :) The one thing though is next time, Jamie needs to work on his lines a little better.
OVER ALL GRADE: B, because of Blink.

Episode Review written by Lauren B.

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