Freddie Prinze Jr. / Macy Gray
January 15, 2000

Cuban Boy: Started out funny, and of course who else but Chris Kattan
could play him, but it just stopped being funny about midway through.
Grade: C+

Monologue(FLU): Best monologue of the season. Cheri was funny with her
line that Will was sweating like a bastard. Grade: A+

Commercial: Can't really remember it, just that it was really stupid.
Grade: F

Millionaire: Pretty funny. I thought about what would happen if
someone decided to do that before this aired. Grade: A

Boy Bands: Never should have been repeated. Grade: F

Monica Lewinsky: Really funny. Haven't seen a sketch about her in
Grade: A

Nasty Models: I thought it was allright, although the studio audience
didn't really react to it. Grade: B+

Weird Doctor: Almost went somewhere, but never really did. Why were
Molly and Will laughing so much? Grade: D

Ricky and Enrique: Really good. Again, Kattan was hilarious, and
Freddie did a good Enrique impression with the water spray. Grade: A+

Weekend Update: Couldn't really hear this because some friends of mine
were talking to loud, but Cheri was funny. Grade: A+?

Kathie Lee Gifford: Cheri again! Funny watching her come on to the
babysitter. This should have been on a whole lot earlier. Grade: A+

MLK Tree: Okay for a last sketch. Grade: B

Overall: Well, not the worst of shows, but not the best. One of the
shakier shows of the season, but I guess it was due. Hopefully they'll
get it back together with the next one. Grade: C+

Episode Review written by Eric Golden

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