Freddie Prinze Jr. / Macy Gray
January 15, 2000

(OPENING) Elian Gonzalez

Chris Kattan did a great job! I live in Florida and
he's right, Miami sucks, and Epcot Center is boring!
Great way to start the show.

Grade: B+

(MONOLOGUE) Freddie Prinze jr.

I loved this one! It may be the best of the season!
Everyone having the flu made it hilarious! When Tim
called Lorne Michaels "daddy" I was hysterically
laughing! I especially liked the part where Molly came
out as the nurse, and when Ana said "I never let
people touch me...ever!"

Grade: A-


uhh....ok...right. That's pretty much all I have to
say for this parody.

Grade: D-

(SKETCH) Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

Very short, but funny. Only an idiot with a country
accent would walk away with $100. I thought this
sketch was pretty good.

Grade: B

(SKETCH) Boy Band Blowout 2000

I always love it when SNL cracks on boy bands! It was
great to see 7 degrees celcius back too. Haratio Sanz
made me crack up when he said "I had my son when I was
9 years old, what can I say? Babies havin' babies."
What was up with Cheri's hair? She overexaggerated
just a little. All in all, this sketch was really

Grade: B+

(COMMERCIAL) Monica Lewinsky on Jenny Craig

Molly actually had me convinced that she was Monica
for a secent....scary. Anyway, the way the foods were
shaped had me rolling on the floor. I couldn't help
it, it was just hysterical!

Grade: A-

(SKETCH) Date with a "model"

I normally like this kind of humor, but this time it
was too sick to be funny. I did like the end though.
Jimmy and Freddie were looking very nice.

Grade: C+

(SKETCH) The worst doctor ever!

What happened? Did they lose the Q-cards or
something? Anyway, Molly and Will broke character, but
even though it's considered un-professional, that's
when I laugh the hardest. It amazed me that Chris
Parnell didn't laugh, that shows great talent as an
actor. Ok, this sketch was screwed up, but hilarious!

Grade: A-

(SKETCH) Charlie Rose

Another great impression of Darrell's! Chris Kattan
and Freddie Prinze jr. were good too. Some of the
high-lights were when we Darrell said "Enrique, your
album has sold over 6 million copies, what's with the
mole?" and "This is our future speaking, shake your
bon bon, shake your bon bon, shake....your bon bon."

Grade: B+

(WEEKEND UPDATE) with Colin Quinn

Way to go Colin! You read the Q-cards right this
time! As for Cheri Oteri's commentary, I thought it
was hilarious! I absolutely loved the part when she
said "People think that celebrities can make up their
own rules and do whatever they want, well i'm here to
tell you....that we do! Because we can!"

Grade: B-


I love this song! Even though Macy's voice is
different, I still enjoy her music.

Grade: A-

(SKETCH) Kathie Lee and Frank Gifford

For some reason the audience seemed to not like this
sketch, I loved it! Cheri didn't try to do much of an
impression, she sounded like herself, but she was
still funny. Darrell was great, as usual. I was
laughing so hard I cried! Darrell cracked me up when
he said "Speaking of balls, Frank Gifford used to have
two, but then along came Kathie Lee." Also when he
said "It's as scared of you as you are of it."

Grade: A+


Just as good as the first time.

Grade: B+

(SKETCH) Martin Luther King Day

The last sketch is never really any good so I wasn't
expecting it to be this time. Nice try though.

Grade: D-


Great show! I didn't think Freddie Prinze jr. could
do it, but he proved me wrong. Some of the good
sketches were Charlie Rose, Kathie Lee and Frank
Gifford, and boy band blowout 2000. Keep up the good
work SNL! Get well soon, Dave Letterman!

Grade: B+

Episode Review written by Amy Barber

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