Dylan McDermott / Foo Fighters
November 6, 1999

It's a beautiful day in the neighbourhood, it's a beautiful day in the
neighbourhood...won't you read, won't you read...my review.

Here are my picks for the Guess the Hosts contest, in no particular order.
John Goodman, Jerry Seinfeld, Steve Martin, Drew Barrymore, Ewan McGregor,
Debra Messing, Edward Norton, Jennifer Aniston, Calista Flockhart, Woody
Harrelson, Denzel Washington, Jennifer Lopez, Adam Sandler, Dennis Miller,
Katie Holmes, Eddie Murphy, Heather Graham, Joan Cusack, Stephen Dorff,
Catherine Zeta-Jones

I made these picks in mid-August, and now some of them seem stupid the more
I think about it. Dennis Miller, for example, would probably never host the
show, despite being a very funny man and a former cast member. What would
he do? If you watched SNL from 85-91, you know that Dennis isn't exactly
the finest comic actor in history. All he did for six years was Update,
like Colin Quinn today. But, I'm off to an okay start. I got Seinfeld and
Heather Graham, Sean's
newspage said Jennifer Aniston will host sometime this year, and John
Goodman's a lock That's four right there. Plus, I almost picked Garth
Brooks and Ben Affleck so really, it's like I have six! Right? Right?

R.I.P. Payne Stewart. R.I.P. Greg Moore. R.I.P. 200 people on EgyptAir.
R.I.P Walter Payton. Man, what an awful two weeks. The Yankees even won
the World Series.

OVERVIEW: I have never seen The Practice, so I can't comment on the
skills of Dylan McDermott. I have seen the Foo Fighters, and they're
acceptable, I guess. Could be a good show. I'm also going to try out a new
format for the reviews.

[COLD OPENER] Every Practice episode ever
* You could see where this one was going. The women all get kissed, then
Horatio would obviously be Camryn Manheim, then they would throw the veil
completely back and have McD just kiss a man. The Ally McBeal part was
original, at least.
* I hope Ally McBeal isn't the only impression that Rachel Dratch can do.
* The SNL writers calling David E. Kelley repetitive. I love irony!
* I enjoyed the slide across the desk that McD did to get to the loveliness
that is Horatio in drag.
RATING: ***5/8

[MONOLOGUE] Dylan McDermott
* Horatio had a career before SNL? Zany. It's always fun to see actors in
these little jabronie roles before they become well-known. It's like Robert
Duvall as Boo Radley in To Kill A

* I enjoyed Horatio chalking his weight problems up to glandular problems.
To quote Stuart Smalley, denial isn't just a river in Egypt.
* As you see, I've only talked about Sanz so far, because this was pretty
much his monologue. McD didn't add much, but it was serviceable.
* GREAT LINE ALERT: "They know who I am."-- Horatio Sanz
RATING: ***5/8

[RECURRING SKETCH] The Jim Gray Show w/Elizabeth Dole
* I congratulate Chris Parnell for looking and sounding NOTHING like Jim
* Good idea for a recurring sketch, though since the whole Pete Rose thing
happened two weeks ago, it'salmost yesterday's news. The perils of the
taping schedule, I guess.
* Scrogging?
RATING: ***1/2

[SKETCH] Bryant Gumble clashes with Katie Couric
* An okay sketch. I liked the whole parents dynamic with the three
* GREAT LINE ALERT: "Bring it on, Oreo!"-- Cheri Oteri (as Katie Couric) to
Tim Meadows, (as Bryant Gumble)
RATING: ***3/4

[SKETCH] The Kulps send off Principal Gravis
* Yes! The Kulps!
* I liked Ana doing the record-scratching sound by herself during the
Eminem bit.
* Is Dylan McDermott Kermit the Frog?
* This sketch was certainly a "menage a funk."
* GREAT LINE ALERT: "We're lovingly gathered here at this mandatory
assembly..."-- Will Ferrell, as Marty Kulp
RATING: ****1/8

[RECURRING SKETCH] The Jim Gray Show w/Danny Glover
* I congratulate Tim Meadows for sounding and looking NOTHING like Danny
* Catch you on the flipside?

[SKETCH] Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?
* A good idea for a sketch, but they didn't really follow through on it.
If Ana had given some examples of the pressure that she was under (i.e.
cheating husband, disobedient children, husband cheating with disobedient
children) it would have been better.
* Dana Carvey is still the unquestioned master of the Regis Philbin
* A quick check of my Blockbuster movie database shows that Debra Winger
actually was the voice of E.T. That's kind of interesting.
RATING: ***3/8

[SKETCH] Mango Undercover
* Mango takes it in the butt. Ha!
* A good new angle at the Mango character. It's like I've always said; as
long as the sketches don't get repetitive, they can have as many recurring
characters as they want.
* The little dig at Norm Macdonald seemed a bit excessive. Did Ohlmeyer
write this sketch?
* Dylan McDermott was DEAD-ON as Mango. He even had the voice down.
* Having Mayor Giuliani as the shooter was a nice touch.
* GREAT LINE ALERT: "Can you put the ocean in a thermos and take it to
work?" Dylan McDermott, as Mango
RATING: ****1/8

[RECURRING SKETCH] The Jim Gray Show w/ Dylan McDermott
* These have now officially gotten old.
* I liked Kattan's look of dismay at the question of Dylan's sexuality.

* Sorry, I blinked and missed Update this week. I swear, it was only about
five minutes long!
* It looked like the writers were having trouble coming up with anything
funny, so they just shortened it. Perhaps a prudent measure.
* GREAT LINE ALERT: "Chrysler is announcing the end of the Plymouth line.
Plymouth is responsible for the popular...uh...well, that's happening."--
Colin Quinn.
RATING: ***1/2

[MUSICAL GUEST] Foo Fighters
* I have a genetic grudge against the Foo Fighters because Dave Grohl was
in Nirvana, and Nirvana is easily the most overrated band ever. Cobain did
the ears of the world a favour when he flew his head off, the druggy coward.
* "Learn to Fly" is a good song. I enjoy the video, because the drummer is
pretty hot in drag.
* Wait a minute, did I just say that? I mean, uh, I mean....
* Speaking of the video, this guitarist wasn't in it. Where'd he come
RATING: ***1/2

[SKETCH] Collette Reardon and the phone guy
* Not a bad sketch, but nothing really good about it either. It was
* I hope they don't make Collette a major recurring character. She's best
suited to Update.

[SKETCH] Lotto Pick 4 Hospital
* Quick memory test; what was the number?
* Molly made her only appearance of the show in this sketch. What's up
with that?
* She did kiss McD, though. Every female cast member got a chance to kiss
GQ's "sexiest man of the year." I'll assume that I was second.
* Just when I thought the sketch was dead, they had the last ball shoot out
of the woman's...uh, stomach.
* That reminded me of that scene in the South Park movie, where Winona
Ryder shoots ping-pong balls out of her...uh, womanly spot. Apparently,
Winona's not happy about that scene in the movie. I wonder why.
RATING: ***1/2

[MUSICAL GUEST] Foo Fighters
* I don't know what this song is called. Glad to be of service, everybody!
* Dave Grohl is having microphone troubles.
* What's with the sideburns that Grohl's trying to grow? Hey Dave, you're
not Neil Young!
RATING: ***1/4

[SKETCH] Mrs. Parker defends her baby
* Tracy Morgan...with a major role in a sketch??!! Has hell frozen over?
* Guess what? He was funny, too! We want more of Tracy!
* With the Bodyguard theme in the Mango skit, and this song here, Whitney
Houston's repetoire is getting a workout tonight.
* I know it was the point of the skit, but the guy who played Dante really
looked rough. I got scared just looking at that guy.
RATING: ***1/2

ACTORS OF THE NIGHT: Ana Gasteyer, Darrell Hammond, Dylan McDermott, Cheri
SKETCH OF THE NIGHT: The Kulps send off Principal Gravis, Mango Undercover
WORST SKETCH OF THE NIGHT: Collette Reardon and the phone guy
LINE OF THE NIGHT: "If you weren't married, and if you were better looking,
I would definitely go out with you."-- Dylan McDermott (as Matt Lauer) to
Cheri Oteri (as Katie Couric)
BUSIEST CAST MEMBER: Ana Gasteyer (5 sketches)
NUMBER OF NOTICABLE MISTAKES: Cheri and Tim chuckled right at the end of the
Bryant Gumble skit, during their bottle fight.

The best show, top to bottom, of the season so far. The show was
consistently better than average for the whole thing. No real highs, no
real lows. Dylan McDermott was very good as host, as in he was funny at
times and he didn't rely too much on the cue cards. The Foo Fighters were
okay as well. All in all, just a solid show.
Next week is hosted by Garth Brooks and the musical guest is...Chris Gaines.
Oh-kay. Garth did a good job hosting in 1998, so I'll give him a break
about this multiple personality of his. I will have more to say about it
next week, though....or whenver these get posted. :)

Episode Review written by Mark Polishuk

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