Dylan McDermott / Foo Fighters
November 6, 1999

Hello again. No witty banter this time 'round, just on with the review.

(Sketch) The Obligatory Practice Sketch
Not a big fan of the show. Watching Horatio as Elenor was funny, though, considering the concept of the sketch. Another great Calista by Dratch. Nice touch playing off of last year's Ally/Practice crossover.
SCORE: 7/10

(Monologue) Dylan McDermott
Quite an amusing anecdote. I don't remember tha scene from Miracle though. I expected Dylan to plug Three to Tango, but that only lasted 2 weeks in the box office.
Quote: "I think I can feel your glandular problem." -Dylan McDermott
SCORE: 7/10

(Sketch) The Jim Gray Show
Somewhat funny.
SCORE: 5/10

(Sketch) Early Show
Cheri got all the good lines. Pretty funny, but they messed up at the end.
Quote: "Early Show, Today Show...I listen to Stern." -Jimmy Fallon
SCORE: 7/10

(Sketch) Bobbi & Marty honor Principal Gravis
I never really liked the Culps. Gravis has a cool voice though. Sounds kinda like my science teacher.
SCORE: 5/10

(Sketch) Jim Gray and Danny Glover
It was stupid the first time, people.
SCORE: 5/10

Band shot! That's the way (uh huh uh huh) I like it (uh huh uh huh)!

(Sketch) Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?
Uh...C? We haven't heard a Regis Impression since Dana Carvey, and Darrell does pretty good. Rest of the sketch sucked though.
SCORE: 6/10 (Is that your...final answer?) Uh...yes.

(Sketch) Who Shot the Mango?
What else could they do after revealing that Mango is not the homo-gay? Nice bust on Norm, way to blow off Jim Gray. Was that the real Giuliani? I didn't think so.
SCORE: 8/10

(WU) Weekend Update with Colin Quinn
Nice block of Microsoft jokes. Hillary joke was, as Homer Simpson said "funny because it's true!!!" Say, am I the only one who remembers that you forfeit ALL constitutional rights upon entering a school building?
SCORE: 6/10

(Music) Foo Fighters- Learn to Fly
I like this song. Oddly enough, I think the FF have don e their best work post-Pat Smear.
SCORE: 8/10

Useless trivia: the background muzak at the beginning and end of the Learn to Fly video is previous FF hit Everlong.

(Sketch) Colette Reardon
Just what make a prescription drug addict so darn funny? NOTHING!!!
SCORE: 3/10

(Sketch) State Lotto Drawing
Interesting concept, and this is the only time we see Molly all night. Say, didn't I see that ping-pong ball trick in the South Park Movie?
SCORE: 7/10

(Music) More of the Foo Fighters
I don't think I've heard this one. Cool song, though.
SCORE: 7/10

(Sketch) Disbelieving Mom
How many times has Dylan played a cop tonight?
SCORE: 5/10

We're down to the wire...

Uh... Dave looks overly excited.

Next week, it's Garth Brooks and...Garth Brooks. I'll be taping it, because Weird Al is in town. I'll Catch YOU on the flip side.

Episode Review written by Joe Cassidy

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