Julianna Margulies / DMX
February 12, 2000

Hello everyone,
This is actually my second attempt in writing this.
I was typing it last night and when I pressed the save
draft button to save it on my e-mail file...my
ever-so-EVIL computer wouldn't let it work. So here I
am typing my review again.

OPENING (A Message from the 'New' Hillary): I loved
this sketch. And a sketch with Hillary is not complete
without Darrell popping in and making faces behind
Hillary. The old Hillary would've have told Bill to
'BUZZ OFF!' But no..the new Hillary would say
'Fuh-geddah 'bout it'. The comparisons between the old
and new Hillary? Great. I loved the line 'easy (pause)

MONOLOGUE: Well, duh, of course Julianna has to make a
reference to 'ER'...Otherwise this monologue would've
been boring! I loved that Noah Wyle was in it (he's
such, as Rosie O'Donnell would say, a cutie patootie).

COMMERCIAL: Seen it. For my review/grade, please refer
to what I wrote for the Heather Graham review.

SKETCH (The 'Birds'): I knew this sketch would be
gross from the moment I read about it on Sean's site.
The only part I liked in this sketch was Julianna
looking at Chris while that song was playing and
eventually chewing up his McD's apple pie for him; oh
yes, and Will's choking...well, he couldn't help it!
But he diverted away from that pretty well. GRADE:

SKETCH (E! News Daily and Fashion Week): I loved this
sketch. Will as Steve Kmetko (his temper
tantrums..hilarious), Cheri as Jules Asner, Molly as
Donatella Versace (her accent was so-so, but I'll let
that slide), and, my fave, Julianna as Elizabeth
Hurley. Loved the line 'Is that my rack ringing?'.

SKETCH (Simmah Down!): This sketch was so-so. I didn't
like it as much as the Garth Brooks version. Julianna
wasn't comical enough. Chris P, Tracy, Tim, and
Darrell as the patients were so-so, but I loved Cheri!

SKETCH (Crocodile Hunter): Chris really did himself
out in this sketch! I loved the accent and the facial
expressions. (Who cares if a poisnous frog spits venom
into your eye and you can never see again?). The blood
was gross, though. GRADE: A-.

WEEKEND UPDATE: A genuinely solid Weekend Update. The
jokes were, for the most part, decent. Yeah, there
were a few flubs...but what would the Weekend Update
be without them? Cheri as the erotic shop employee was
so-so. I don't know what it was, but I wasn't laughing
hard enough. GRADE: B.

MUSICAL GUEST: (I guess he did decide to show up) No

SKETCH (Erectile Dysfunction): How embarrassing it can
be to have this, um, 'problem'. And to top it all off,
the voiceover guy has to make it a point to mention
some other stuff. I loved Chris P as the voiceover
guy, and Will's reaction to him. Tim as the director
and Julianna as the girlfriend were so-so. GRADE: B.

SKETCH (Jessica Simpson): Anyone who knows me knows I
love it when 'SNL' makes fun of the South...I loved
Cheri as Jessica, Jimmy was hysterical, Will was OK,
Julianna and Ana were so-so, and Rachel..awesome! I
loved how she jumped into the two guys arms and
started going at it with them. GRADE: B.

MUSICAL GUEST: Time for Valerie to brush her teeth! NO

SKETCH (Bloater Brothers): I didn't like Ana at all in
this sketch. She just wasn't funny! Julianna was
mediocre...but I liked Jimmy and Chris P as the two
brothers. The hair was amusing, but the comments were
funny. GRADE: B-.

COMMERCIAL (William Shatner for Priceline): BO-RING!!
This was pointless and DUMB! I rarely diss Darrell's
impressions, but I definitely didn't like his William
Shatner! GRADE: D-.

OVERALL COMMENTS: The show was pretty decent. With the
exception of the last thing, I liked it. Julianna
isn't known for her comedic skills, but her job
tonight was not too shabby! I am looking forward to
next week's episode too...I am sorta a fan of Ben
Affleck's. I loved his cameo from the Gwyneth Paltrow
hosted episode.

Til next week! Adios amigos!.....

Episode Review written by Valerie Carmody

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