Julianna Margulies / DMX
February 12, 2000

Sketch 1: A message from Hilary Rodham Clinton.
Pretty funny, Darrell was hilarious in the background! I like the Old
Hilary/New hilary. Rating out ot 10: 6/10

Sketch 2: (opening Dialouge) I liked the whole "I am the writer and I
just wrote what I am saying now" thing but the ER: Veternary unit thing
stunk. Rating out of 10: 5/10

Sketch 3: Litter Critters
Now, I know that this has already been aired but still... it was Damn
funny!! The concept of making Kitty crap into playful figurines is kinda
gross... but still hilarious! Rating out of 10: 7/10

Sketch 4: Bird-like family.
The one word that sums this sketch up is , "Nasty," The whole idea
wasn't funny. It dissapointed me. Rating out of 10: 3/10

Sketch 5: fashion Week at E!
Will Ferrall was pretty funny in his role. Now -a- days it's getting
harder and harder to like Molly Shannon in her roles, although the
telephone rack cracked a smile it still wasn't side splitting. Horatio
Sanz was hilarious as Elton John! Rating out of 10: 6/10

Sketch 6: Simma Down Now!!
Maybe this character would be a little bit more funny (A little) if
Cheri Oteri wasn't doing it. She was not funny. Julianna was alright.. I
enjoyed the part when she screamed WHAT PART OF SIMMA' DOWN NOW DON'T
YOU UNDERSTAND?! Tim Meadows should be involved more. He was the only
semi-funny character in this skit. Tracy Morgan and his hand was pretty
funny, but not enough to save the sketch. Rating out of 10: 5/10

Sketch 7: Crocodile Hunter.
This sketch was the high point of the night. Chris Kattan was hilarious.
I was laughin' my ass off. He was great as the austrailian hunter who
gets massacured by all of the animals he picks up. Julianna was good as
the wife who casually observed. Rating out of 10: 9/10

Sketch 8: weekend Update w/ Colin Quinn
Colin Quinn shouldn't be doing this. He always screws up. He is not
funny and even worse Cheri Oteri brought it down even further. The
products that she was nervously trying to sell were funny, but she was
not. Rating out of 10: 3/10<--- Cheri included

Sketch 9: Commercial filming.
Tim Meadows and Will Ferrall were hilarious! The piece was great. Rating
out of 10: 8/10

Sketch 10: Mtv's "Saving It," with Jessica Simpson
it amazed me that Cheri Oteri didn't exactly screw this one up, however
the idea sucked. The only thing that saved the sketch was Jimmy and
Will. They were funny. the yoga moves weren't bad either. Rating out of
10: 7/10

Sketch 11: Kip and Wayne.
I wish that SNL should stop forcing these characters on us.. they really
suck. Rating out of 10: 3/10

Sketch 12: William Shatner's Priceline.com parody.
It was about time that someone poked fun at this. Darrell Hammond was
probably the best choice overall good sketch. Rating out of 10: 7/10

Musical Guest: DMX
I am sorry but I am NOT a rap lover I don't DMX especially. Therefore it
is not right for me to rate him.

Episode Review written by Savannah

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