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February 12, 2000

This is my first episode review so it may be a little shaky but later ones will be better.Just think of it as the pilot episode of a show.
It was hard reviewing SNL because I love the show,but here goes.

Cold Open:

A message from Hillary Rodham Clinton:

Funny how Bill Clinton kept passing by the camera.It's true,now he's in the shadows.

Grade: B-


ER-Special Veterinary Unit- Funny when they shocked the animal and it flew up.
- Noah Wylh as Spanish doctor.I knew someone from ER would be in that sketch.

I knew that audience member looked familiar.I think she also played an audience member in the Gwenth Paltrow episode.

Grade: B

Litters Critters:They showed this sketch before.

-Funny how the annoncer says,"There's plenty more where that came from" and then they show the kids giving their cat more food.
-The pinata fiiled with candy that i'm pretty sure doesn't taste that great.

Grade: D

Bird family/Chewing and Spitting Sketch:

-"Here comes some corn"
-Chris Kattan was funny.
-Disgusting,but very funny

I'm surprised they didn't totally crack up during the sketch.Julianna Margulies was laughing abit.
Grade: C

E News:

-Will and Cheri biting it out.At the end,Will pushes Cheri off her chair.

-Molly Shannon did an okay impression of Donitela Versaci.

-Julianna Margulies did a great impression of Liz Hurley.She did a good English accent.

Grade: D

Simmer Down Na:

-They have had this sketch before,but I think in a department store.

-Cheri first gives Tracy a magazine,but then gives him the novel "War and Peace" which proves it takes a long time waiting for a HMO.

-a very funny sketch.

Grade: B

Animal Planet: Crocodile Hunter

-i've seen the real guy Chris Kattan was playing,Chris isn't far off with the impression

-a very funny sketch

Grade: C

Weekend Update with Colin Quinn:

-Colin began by quoting Cheri with "Simmer Down Na".

-the Tori Spelling joke was real true.

-Cheri as Joy Lipton.She should have used a better voice.Someone off camera was quoting what Cheri was saying.

Grade: B

Musical Guest:


-I didn't really like it,but it wasn't that bad.

Grade D-

E.D. sketch:

-Chris Parnell kept making more fun of Will everytime he spoke

-very funny sketch

Grade: B

Saving it with Jessica Simpson:

-Will breaking the glasses was very funny.

-the Yoga was great.

-Rachel Dratch was good.

-Jimmy Fallon was funny,"No way,No way".

-Ana was funny naming all the guys.

-it was an okay sketch

Grade: C-

Musical Guest:


-I didn't really like it,but it wasn't that bad.

Grade D-

The Bloober Brothers: I hope this sketch comes back.

-all the insults were funny.

-everyone was great in the sketch.

-a great place to set it,a hotel bar.

-one of the best sketches of the night

Grade: A-

William Shatner for Priceline.com:

-a good takeoff of the real commercials

-an okay sketch

Grade: C-


A good show with some great sketches.

Episode Review written by Joshua Burak

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